Dude, Where's My Muse?

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Okay this is funny...

If you google my favorite hockey players name and Lisa...the 3rd entry on google is my blog!!! *cheesy grin* Ah, its the little things that make me happy.
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Monday, August 29, 2005


Guess its my turn, my entry's up over at contest junkies.


Please go by and take a read, vote, whatever. I believe its the top one, HER PROTECTOR.


Off to bite nails and have a hershey! :o)
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Putting The Puzzle Together...

I'm putting together what I typed up (all 47 handwritten pages) with what was already on the computer and trying to find a semblence of order. I know the meeting, know when they kiss and know the black moment. Oh and when they fall into bed #1 and probably #2 but its just putting it there that's driving me bonkers right now.

*sigh* Times like this I think my muse hates me. :o)
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

100th Post

100 posts in only 6 months. Either I'm way too talkative or not talkative enough lol Either way, happy 100th to me!!

Since its a bit of a milestone on the ol' blog, I was hoping to have something cool to say, some news one way or the other...something well special.

*scratches head*

Well, I'm over 20K on Trouble aka as Vin and Ava's story as the little counter thing on the side says.

Still no word on the full, though I'm experiancing a new calm about anything and all things writing. Once I figure out paypal I'll be signing up for Suzanne's workshop next month (which I hope still has spaces left eeks!)

Got my new bookcase on the weekend. This thing is a monster! Its huge. Its 7 feet tall and doesn't fit in my bedroom. Which we found out only AFTER assembling and putting it all together. And since we used wood glue you can't exactly take it apart. So its now in the living room (which required a total move things around so it'll fit) needless to say I didn't go to bed till 5 am Sunday morning because of it. And still half the shelves are empty. Oh well, I've got more books coming in the mail that should help fill that puppy up.

So what's new with you?
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Too cold!!!!

Someone turn the heat on!!!

The weather here is absolutely unbelievable. It feels like October. Its freezing cold, its raining and I'm in fleece!!! This just isn't right for August. Though it makes hockey seem closer than it did when it was warm and nearing 40 outside. *sigh*

Writing though however seems to be going well. I looked at my handwritten chunk of Ava and Vin and there's a good 30-40 pages there (I love gel pens! they inspire my muse!) all paper clipped together waiting for me to type them up. And I'm about to hit 10K on the stuff written straight from mind to computer screen. Be interesting to see where I am when I get it all typed up. Hoping somewhere around the halfway mark.

Not sure what I'm doing after I finish Vin and Ava's story. Do I try Mimi's or leave it till I hear if they're even interested in STTA? I've got a couple old manuscripts laying around begging to be rewritten (the plots are good, I just need to match my voice up and layer in a few things). Do I go back to agent searching? I know who my top 3 are hands down, two of them asked to see more work from me last summer but I still had partials of HP out so I didn't send out anything more. Besides I hadn't given Shattered or INO the full revision and write out the blasted synopsis treatment (Shattered's is half written, haven't tackled INO yet). Then I've got that hockey player story somewhere floating around my brain, which knowing my luck will kick in right when hockey season starts and I'm trying to listen to the Isles play through internet radio. I could try winning bid, I did the blurb when I was chatting with Nell in one of our weekly monday chats...

Or maybe I should just play it by ear :o)

Way too much work & too little time! hehe
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Sunday, August 14, 2005

16 Weeks...

Well I hit the 16 week mark on Tuesday this week. Sorta have a peaceful feeling right now (though can't promise that in 48 hours lol) so I guess maybe I'm closer to the end side of wait time than I am to the beginning -- or so I hope *g*

Weekend was slow and slightly relaxing. Barring a small argument with dad yesterday at Costco things were good. Even got a Miami Vice fix :o)

And I am now officially a geek - I bought my Christmas cards already. But they were cute, they were on sale and I now have 40 cute cards waiting to go out this December. Not sure I'll need all 40 but hey, too adorable to pass up.

Went out this afternoon and grabbed a few more books for my tbr pile. American Idle and 2 of the August bombshells that someone at Zellers so thoughtfully put out early. Looked at the new Kat Martin and debated buying it, but passed for the moment. Saw the new Catherine Mann book I wanted at Shopper's but they didn't have it at Zellers so have to pick that one up later too.

Writing's going not bad this weekend. I want to grab one of those word counters and put it up on the side over there. Scribbled out about 5 pages last night watching Shall We Dance? Gotta say I felt slightly knowledgeable after watching Dancing With The Stars on knowing the Pasa Double! hehe Not a bad movie though. Liked Richard Gere in there.

Need to take pictures of my flower pots this week, when they come back I'll scan them and put them up. Pretty proud of how huge my Cosmos are this year. They're taking over!! Right now their probably a good 4.5 feet high and still growing. Though I had to cut some down in the other pot, some insect is getting to them. Not sure they'll come back or not but better to lose them than my whole pot like I did last year with my ring of portulancas.

Nuff from me!

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The STUPIDEST Comment Ever Made By An NHL Player

QUOTABLE: With Doug Weight speaking highly of Edmonton to Chris Pronger, was there a chance Mike Peca was swayed by some words from Janne Niinimaa? "Well, I don't speak Viking," chuckled Peca.

Someone remind me why the hell this guy gets 3.99 million and Ryan Smyth isn't even friggin signed yet??
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What I've Learned...

I know more about writing now than I did when I started. Which is probably true of most of the writers out there. I know about synopses, query letters, wait times, guidelines, 3 different ways to count word count, SASE's, IRC's, GMCs and how to properly research an agent. *lets out deep breath* Quite the list huh? *g*

I still however have no clue how to beat the writer's block that LOVES showing up at inopportune moments. I can't stop my muse from torturing me by giving me bits and pieces of the entire story then leaving me to put the puzzle pieces together into something that's hopefully readable. And I still can't plot out an entire story before starting it without feeling I've already done the ms, why try it again? (Thus the problem with the ongoing T saga!)

So there's my writer post of the month I guess... with everything I've learned, sometimes I wish I could just forget it all and go back to losing myself in my writing :o)
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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Hi everyone,

Asking a small bit of a favor. My best friend and good buddy's entry in the Romance Junkies contest has just gone up. If a few of you could go by and take a look, maybe send her a comment or two? She's worked really hard on Annie, I just want her to get read. Thanks!


Look for - I Am His Wife: Annie

With any luck I'll be able to pick a version of HP's first chapter I like and email it in this week.
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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Nothing GOOD Comes From Long Island Pt. 2

My NHL rant of the day. Thoughts while watching the GM here make some of the weirdest deals I've ever seen.

Mike Peca??????? Oh come on, there's better players than that on the Islanders roster for under the $4 million mark... I'd have even accepted a deal for Jason Blake if you had to take someone who isn't a D-man. But Peca? I thought years ago good ol' GM boy decided we wanted size and that's why we traded all the shorter guys...

So then he goes gets a 6'6" defenceman... Chris Pronger??? Oh he'll look great next to Bergie on defense...

*sighs* I'm losing any and all interest in this sport I swear it.
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Nothing Good Comes From Long Island...

I should know this. The Oilers traded my fave player there 2 years ago and he's still stuck there playing the trap and never getting the puck.

Anyways, this morning I check the mail and I see one of my envelopes sitting there with a long island postal mark on it. Instantly I get that feeling in the pit of my stomach of this isn't gonna be good.

Open it up and I was right, it was a semi personal R, apparently she wasn't keen on it *shrug* First time someone mentioned there was some grammar problems so I'll have to go back and take another look. But I think I'm going to retire Her Protector for awhile and go back to my contemps that are hanging around on my hard drive.

Onwards and upwards, today's the 14th week of STTA being in Richmond, hoping that's good news :o)
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