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Saturday, February 26, 2005

You're a Dialogue/Character Writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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So I took the quiz above, and it seems to fit right because 90% of my stories seem to be dialogue. Kinda kewl so I thought I'd share the link. Watched Don Cherry's 16 DVD tonight with dad (yes the exciting Saturday nights I lead...gasp hard to think I could have gone up to bed at 10:15 and declined) Janne makes 4 appearances, which we of course paused and rewound (though I'm still wonky with the fast forward feature on the computer) so we ended up watching the same chapter 3 times for a ten second fight scene. :o) Interesting to see though. What else what else, heck if I know. If anyone's around tonight and are on msn, yahoo or AIM give me a shout! My Buffy Season 1 still sealed DVDs are looking might tempting! ~Lissy
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Chapter 2...

is DONE...

Birds are singing, people are dancing...
well least I was earlier in my chair lol But its done, the love scene is finito :o)
And I can move on. 3's pretty well done, just need to go over and figure out if I need one paragraph I wrote earlier on in there or not then onto 4. I'm still trying to get how he brings up this friends with benefits idea...oh well I'm sure it'll hit me

Sorry for boring ya'll with the day-by-day over the chapter 1-3 saga, combined with my still unease over writing the love scenes and cold medication and lack of coca-cola in my life...its been an uphill few weeks. :o)

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Its official...

I just lost my voice *sighs*

Oh great fun. Let's hope no one actually wants to talk to me today.

Here's what I'm doing now:
Current song: Kid Rock mix...track #3 Rock and Roll Pain Train from the AutoRox show...
Binder: STTA notes open on desk with 3 gel pens trying to find latest chapter 3 revision notes.

On the good side, asking about Temptation chapter length got a couple responses. I don't have to worry about an eleven page chapter being bad

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A funny little tidbit...

Formerly cute guy (haha) at hockey game last night was talking to one of the women in the silent auction trailer. Don't know if he said this to impress me or not, "I'm real good friends with Raffi..."

Now a) Raffi (I'm omitting last names, don't wanna turn up in a google search lol) is one of two guys my 44 was dealt for...I detest him, can't stand him and he sucks as a hockey player...[and no I'm not completely biased because of the trade]

so basically trying to impress me by saying your friends with him has the complete opposite effect.

To quote Shania Twain "That don't impress me much"

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Happy Weekend...

Happy Saturday all!

I'm hoping the rest of the day/weekend is better than so far. Just spent five hours installing, uninstalling, reinstalling and updating Norton Internet Security 2005. *feel the excitement* Its sooo annoying to have to stop and reboot after every little thing it seems. I counted 8 reboots and I think that wasn't even all of them. The worst part was/is I couldn't get much done while it was downloading so no email, no websites, nothing. So I grabbed a hard copy of chapter 2 which now will bleed into chapter 3 and started rewriting. Weird random piece of Lissy trivia, I seem to write this story better using a gel pen. Weird, wacky, but true. So right now I'm using this real pale green one that under my desk lamp doesn't even show up. I'm predicting great fun trying to type that up this week.

Spent most of my Friday night out at the Worlds Longest Game. Wasn't bad, we didn't get home till 2ish. Some people though, omg there was the biggest b*tch I've ever met in my life there, along with her three little bratty kids who never learned to say excuse me. They kept bumping right into my purse with the camera in it with their little hot chocolate in their hands. I wasn't the only one a little p.o'ed with them. The disc jockey got ticked when they started throwing plastic wrappers into the fire. I mean jeeze, teach your kids some darn manners.

Wasn't too cold out last night, especially around the bon fire. Another small piece of Lissy trivia, cute, hot young ref guy definitely checked me out woohoo! lol It was funny too because at first he was standing over on the one side of the fire then he goes over and adjusts the speakers and moves over by me. He's nice though. :)The B I mentioned above was trying to say that the one hot tub broke because they didn't change the propane tank on it Wednesday night and he was arguing back he changed it and that wasn't the problem. (Apparently her brother owns it, well la dee da) We were all quite relieved when her and her little gremlins who were making torches out of sticks decided to haul off.

Tonight should be good, the players break the record @ 11:13 pm Mountain Time. There's going to be live music and fireworks when they surpass the record, but the players don't know that bit yet. Should be quite the crowd tonight too. Guess all the media is there setting up all ready.

What elsey...hmmm can't think of much else at the moment. Will try and catch up on emails this week, yahoo is a tad bit overwhelming at times and still not used to sorting through my email on there yet. May have to spring for the pop3 version if I can afford it this summer.

"This isn't hell, but we can see it from here"
~back of 2005 WLG shirt
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Friday, February 18, 2005

Hmmm, a girl could get used to this...

Last night I decided I didn't feel like staying home so went out to the hockey game. It actually wasn't too bad if you stayed near the bonfires. So we're out there and checked the auctions, I'm in the lead on the Kipper picture *happy dance* that baby's going to look great above my monitor :o)

So we move from the one bonfire at the far end of the rink down to the one near the zamboni entrance and dad's talking to his friends out there and one of the volunteers tells him that a 40 foot Hummer Limo just pulled up. Hmmm very interesting. (I personally think good ol' Tugger may appear at this...and it could have been him but he just stayed up at the house b/c I heard someone talking about a surprise and a friend of Brent's...hmmm)

Anyways, ends up that I'm up at the bonfire with a particular ex-Oilers brother who looks a lot like his brother from certain angles :) Its kinda kewl being checked out by a former NHLer hehe {he played for the Oilers too until he got a career ending concussion}

So the limo comes down to the ice level real slowly because the road down is all snakey curvey so it took awhile and we got to look inside, but it was empty and dark but dayum nice. I may have to put a white 40 foot hummer somewhere in the book now.

That was my excitement of the night, other than deciding this season of Survivor sucks and I'd rather watch Holmes on Homes instead.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Two entries in one day...feel the luv...or sheer boredom :o)

On a break from writing/editing right now, woohoo lol
What to do what to say... Hmmm, well waiting till Rodney's on tonight. I luv that show. Ever since the Xmas episode its been my #1 show (other than RAW of coursey course) Might pop in a wwe dvd later and see if that shakes free any creativity. I think I'm about 27,000 words shy of finishing the book *groan* and I'm definitely stressing about it. First chapter seems okay, second chapter still hasn't come back from being proofed in the early stages and 3 seems laggy and not worth anything. And I'm starting to think the whole book is too much introspection. Its supposed to be sassy and flirty...and mine doesn't want to go tht way. I've probably been writing angsty for too long, anything sassy and flirty fell by the side of the road about 5 years ago! :)

Mom and dad are out at the worlds longest hockey game right now. Its too cold for me to go out there tonight, especially since my winter boots aren't winter boots and I don't wanna freeze my feet off. Sure there's bonfires but I'll wait till Thursday or Friday to head back out for awhile. Apparently the silent auction is still going strong and dad had to up my bid for the Kipper picture. *Fingers crossed*

What else, hmmm...

can't think of a thing... so guess I'll hit publish and go grab a DVD to entertain me for awhile. ttyl!
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Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm bored...

RAW ended forty five minutes ago...I still think Flair's behind the whole Smackdown stalking Batista angle because really...JBL just isn't this smart. He probably hired the driver and its just such a coincidence that pile of boxes was RIGHT there for Triple H to push Batista into. Yeah uh huh...

So I've got 15 minutes to kill till the Bachelorette starts. Woohoo, tonight's the overnight dates which should prove interesting. I think from the previews one of them mentions Andrew (uh oh) so should be worth watching (I still like Andrew though, he was cute).

Writing update - hitting 32000 words, probably stay up most of the night tonight and type up some of the stuff I've been writing in the car back and forth on the weekend. Though its hard to decipher scribbles I wrote down the pitch black road near the game lol I've got a whole bunch of WTF? beside half the sentences trying to figure out just what I was saying. Real fun I tell you.
The joys of a writer's life.

What else...hmmm can't think of a lot to bore you with right now lol

Guess I'll go grab a ginger ale and head back up to watch Jen and Jerry/John Paul (the Andrew wannabe)

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Procrastination - A Writer's Best Friend
So here I am, researching cell phones, checking email and doing anything to avoid trying to name Vin, Ava and Mimi. I need last names for the 3 and can't come up with a single one. Vin's really stumping me because I can't have a name with a N in it and that's all I keep coming up with. Joyful...

I've got chapter 2 pretty well mapped out, still need to smooth out a couple scenes but I'm gonna plow ahead and do that later. 3 might not be bad and 4 should fall into place. Ate lunch and edited the hard copy of what's coming up ahead, so have another couple hopefully thousand words to add to it.

Went out to the Worlds Longest Game last night, tons of people there. Which wasn't too bad. They've got a silent auction going on so I put a bid in on two things, one dad wants and one I want, a framed pic of Mika Kippursoff in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Mom and dad went out this afternoon so see if anyone's bid on the pic. Be a nice addition to my office hehe

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Yadda Yadda Yadda...

I'm stalling on chapter two of STTA a little, have the *gasp* sex scene (or lead up anyways) out to two readers to look it over and see what they think. So far one says its hot and did a few corrections to it...mostly commas, word choice. I might leave it the way it is though since its still in my voice...have to see...

Other than that, spent my Friday night at the worlds longest hockey game.
Hit the link and take a look...its really something. 40 guys playing 240 hours of hockey to raise money for the cross cancer institute. And Brent's playing injured (he mangled his finger at 4 am early Friday morning in the zamboni, had emergency surgery and came back to play at noon.) So these guys are really determined.

A friend of ours is playing so we went out to watch him for awhile. It wasn't too bad, just a damp cold but it needs to be WAY colder because its causing some problems with the ice conditions. One of the red lines is pretty well gone. So definitely causing the guys some headaches.

Probably heading back out to the game tonight or tomorrow, have to pick up a couple things for our friend and take them back out to him.

Anyways, nuff Lissy ramble (due to about 4 hours sleep)
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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Time to start the party...

Chapter One of Something To Talk About (or as I called it, the one that's freaking worse than Temptation - haha funny since its targeted towards the Temptation line. Irony huh??) is near done. Done in my head right now anyways, I just need to layer in some description later. But as it stands now, I'm on to chapter 2 the love scene *fun*...so yeah...this should get interesting...


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Monday, February 07, 2005

Thinking, thinking, thinking...

Watching RAW tonight as Randy got concussion #3 in a week it hit me, I'm attracted to injured guys. What does that say about me??
Shawn = back, knees
J = back, knee
Randy = shoulder, and now concussions...


Writing update:
Went to my usual Monday afternoon writers chat and asked the girls there their opinion of the opening paragraph on the synopsis. All agreed it sounded okay (phew) and that the game probably takes place outside of their home. So I decided to set Chapter One in some rented out VIP room of some hot new club. Only problem is naming said Hot New Club. Plus I need a golf course name for Brit's job. Any ideas???? You can email them to me. :o) And if I get pubbed, I'll put your name in the dedications hehehe

So at least I feel a tad bit more confident about chapter 1. With any luck I can get it written tonight or at least by Friday. Fingers crossed.


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I knew it was coming...

Somehow I knew I'd be getting a rejection letter today. But I figured it would be from the agent I cold queried with a partial of HP. Instead it was from Paige *sigh* So my top agent pick isn't interested and even better, it was a form Rejection. Though she did cross out dear author and write Lisa above it. Just wish she'd written a reason or something. But she did get back really fast since I mailed it like January 22nd or so. Oh well..

So I did what any other wannabe did, sent out another 3 equeries. One to a new agent at Paige's agency who prompty emailed back and said she doesn't handle Rom. Suspense but she'd fwd it to another agent at the same agency. Oh great, the other two have all ready rejected it. But she sent it to Lisa and I've changed the partial since she saw it last. But I highly doubt she'll ask to see it again.

Highlight of the night should be RAW this evening from Japan. Interested to see how Randy is, since I'm pretty sure he got legitmately injured (Haven't seen Shawn act that concerned in a long long time) Plus, Randy's hot but he's not that great an actor hehehe

Nuff from me, taco salad's calling my name

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Those crazy Finns...

Click the link and look at the first picture of good ol' 44... http://www.oulunkarpat.fi/ottelut.php?edellinen=1&id=156

Advertising on the butt...what's next? ;o)

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And its Sunday...

Well no Desperate Housewives tonight so nothing much on TV. Watched most of the Superbowl, cheered for the Patriots but not sure if their winning/won or not.
Two days off of writing, and of course I wake up in the middle of the night for an idea for Chapter 1...oh well, going to try it out and see how it works. I still can't decide whether the big Truth or Dare game happens at a club, bar or their backyard. How daring are these two?
Did a little shopping today at Costco, got the first Michael Buble cd I wanted for Xmas but dad couldn't find anywhere and a rolling shelf cart thingie for my 'office' (lol at the word office) but it cleaned off some of the heap of papers on top of the desk so liking it right now. Maybe I'll actually become organized, or least give it a try hehehe

Off to check email
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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Happy Saturday

Home alone right now and finished going through my yahoo email...taking a while to get used to that, but I guess its not too bad. #1 Pet peeve though is when it can't find the message. But I guess its better than the yahoo chat that bounces you every 45 minutes.

Not many plans for the weekend, going to take some good advice (smiles) and take at least today off from writing. Maybe that way, my head will clear enough to make sense of something. And mom said something to last night, not to rush it. If she's that anxious about the book and still likes the idea, whether she gets it right away or a few weeks later shouldn't matter. So no more added pressure on making my Valentine's Day self imposed deadline.

So may pop in a hockey game tape tonight (yay me for thinking ahead on the lockout) and watch some old Oiler hockey when it was worth watching.



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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Day 2

Well I emailed off the requested partial to one agent last night. Its funny, she asked to see it. Amazing what a different query letter will do. I went back to the 2nd version since she'd seen #3 and added that I had a request for the full of STTA and she emailed 2 hours later asking for the first 50 pages. I guess if you've got interest, their more interested in you? *shrug*

Other than that, writing is going horribly. I reread the STTA synopsis last night and realized I'm not sure how close the 25000 words I've got so far matches up to it. And it should match up pretty close considering if I'd had a full ms before I pitched I'd all ready know what the heck should happen.
I almost think Brit's worse to write than Carly, Carly I seemed to know a little more... okay lets not mention I wrote TPH/HP as NL first. Maybe I need to try that with this one because picturing Brit and Jas as Stacy and Too Tall isn't helping me all that much.

And to top it off the opening still doesn't seem right. I toyed around with a whole new opening today and still doesn't jive. Maybe I just won't send this in...*pity party commences...now*

If I could just get the opening to click, how it should open...I'd feel better. And Vin is reminding me a whole lot of someone right now. See if anyone else sees it

Nuff from me, I'll try and add something else hopefully not pityparty later.


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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

All righty, here's my first post in my brand new blog!
Not too much too say right now (but I'll add more later)

So I'm adding more now. :o)

Managed to scare a few peeps today with that lovely fwd from Kris. Its too funny though, you think there's gonna be mist and then that thing pops up and screams lol
Probably took a few years off my life.

Listening to Incomplete right now and I can't tell the guys apart...I can tell J's voice obviously but the others have to be singing there somewhere right??? Oh well another day or two listening to it and I should at least be able to find Frack's voice (I hope!!) I think he joins in with AJ at some point, because I kinda pick him up for a second but then he fades...I dunno, he's gotta be there somewhere... :)

Anyways, onto writing...
Taking a break from Brit and Jas' story right now, the opening chapter just doesn't seem right. In fact the opening doesn't seem right at all and I don't know if I even know Brit well enough. It all seems forced and ugly and bad. I should send an R to myself and save a poor unsuspecting editor the trouble.

I have no clue what else to type in this thing, not sure who I'll even send the link to to read it. Its strange that I signed up for this addy two years ago and just stumbled back onto it today.

Excited though that one of my top three agents wants to see the opening of HP. It'd be nice to finally be finished with Matt and Carly and get the two of them out of my hair. The partial this time seems much stronger so guess that's a good thing.

All righty, nuff from me.


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