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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Favorites reissued

Totally excited when I saw the link to this on twitter: Babysitter's Clubs books are going to be reissued!!! Sweet, I used to love those books. I don't think I had all 213 but I'm guessing I have a pretty big chunk of them.

I even remember my first one. I'd been doing the summer reading game at the local library and won. The librarian told me to go behind the desk and go through this big box of books and most of them were all Babysitter's Club Special Editions. I had a huge sinking feeling if I took one, I'd be hooked. I was totally right. After that, I was clearing off the bookshelves at the bookstore whenever I had the money. :o)

Can't wait to see the reissues and the prequel. Now if only Sleepover Friends would come back out, all my childhood reading would be revisted. :o)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Writer Thoughts

So I was rewatching one of my favorite episodes of Big Bang Theory this season when I realized its the perfect writer's example of make things worse for your character, then make it ever more worse and then throw in a lot more worse for them. :) Gotta love when something like that clicks in your head.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, its when Sheldon decides to get revenge on his co-worker by putting something above the ceiling tiles that will drop down on him when least expected. It should go perfectly to plan. But things go bad when the co-worker walks into his lab with the head honchos where they work. Bad enough right? But things go extremely bad when the stuff falls, and the video plays where Sheldon identifies himself as behind the whole thing, with thanks to his two friends, while Sheldon & co watch helplessly on webcam. Too funny and a really great example. Funny sometimes how things click better when you see them, then when you try to figure it out yourself.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well the one of the workshops I'm in this month has just wrapped up. It's been a fun one and the one I started with every day just so I had something to enjoy :) Not that the other two aren't, they're really good and informative, they just need a lot of concentration and rereading to get what you're meant to learn. Either that, or its just me!

But anyways, if you're looking for a fun, informative workshop to take in 2010 check out D.D Scott's Muse Therapy. I've learned a few new things I'm looking forward to putting in practice next year.

Other than that, the Christmas tree is up and looking rather Christmassy. And yet, not totally in the holiday mood. Not sure why, just not.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Save $9 on Calendars

Today only on Zazzle, save $9 off all calendars, including these 4 I designed myself. All photos are my own. Love how they turned out, especially the flower ones. Some nice shots in the prarie one as well :o)
Vintage Sunflower 2010 calendar
Vintage Sunflower 2010 by BlayzeInk
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Sunflowers - 2010 Calendar calendar
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Flowers 2010 Calendar calendar
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Canadian Prairies 2010 Calendar calendar
Canadian Prairies 2010 Calendar by BlayzeInk
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Tuesday, December 08, 2009



It's cold.

And snowy. Last Friday's storm brought a lot of the white stuff which has completely blanketed everything, which is festive this time of year, but it could have held off a little longer and not brought the Arctic chill with it. I'm hoping by this time next week its warmed up a little. -25C is not what I call a thrill a minute weather. When its a miserable 30 second walk to check the mail, its not a good thing.

Been keeping busy taking three workshops this month, which I'm really enjoying. One's a little drier than I expected, so it takes a couple readings of every lecture to really get it to sink in and figure out what I'm supposed to be learning. The muse one is really interesting and fun, so its usually the first one I hit in the day with the emails. Might as well be happy and amused before I stare blankly at a pdf lecture :o)

Did most of my Christmas cards on the weekend. I think I have a couple left, mostly my great-aunts and uncles to write up, do the letter. Hopefully the other ones will be in the mail tomorrow or Thursday, since all my friends seem to be in the US :o) Get to stand in line for the special US stamps lol

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