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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Bailey tagged me!

Four things that should go into Room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth:

1. Telemarketers, esp. those that call before 9am and the ones that call right at dinner

2. Bad drivers, esp. the ones that talk on cell phones or weave all over the road

3. Entertainment reporters

4. Nancy Grace (argh she's so annoying the last while)

Three things people do that make you want to shake them violently:

1. Abuse animals

2. Scam people

3. Destroy good hockey teams

Two things you find yourself moaning about:

1. Lack of time

2. Money

One thing the above answers tell you about yourself:

Hmm, I'm just like everyone else with the lack of time & money bit lol

I tag: Nell, Jess & Olga :o)

Rules: Link to the original meme at freelancecynic.com so people know what it’s all about! Be as honest as possible, this is about letting people know the real you! Try not to insult anyone – unless they really deserve it or are very, very ugly. Post these rules at the end of every meme.


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And I'm Back

Not that I really went anywhere, just not near the computer. Had a good 24 hours with my best bud this weekend. Totally didn't feel like it was almost 5 years since we saw each other. I mean, that's just odd when you consider we went out every week somewhere, shopping or a hockey game or well, a hockey game *g*

Went to the last day of the fair/exhibition here and went on some rides. I think I liked the rainbow one the best, although for someone who doesn't do heights, it does go pretty high. Nothing like feeling your airborne for thirty seconds and flopping into the guy beside you. Also did the polar express where your zoomed backwards at amazing speeds. Althought getting into the ride that's tilted backwards from a sloping floor is really really awkward. Not too mention my sandals didn't grip the ground that well, so I pretty well ski'd down the slope to the ride car lol

Hit west ed on Sunday, yet again bought out old navy -- bad Lis, bad -- but hey, most everything I bought was on sale and I need to revamp some of my wardrobe anyway. And best of all, I finally found Season 1 of Criss Angel - Mindfreak. I wanted to find it last week for my dad's birthday on Saturday but every place was sold out. Finally found it. And I've watched most of it. *g* Oh well, I'll rewatch with dad. The hardships of watching Criss Angel lol

Other then that, writing didn't happen. Best bud was only in town for literally 24 hours, from pick up to drop off at the station so the muse took a vacation day. :o)

August should be a busy writing month though. I want to finish the draft of Chey's story and I'm signed up for 3 online workshops. Re-visioning your novel. One on creating believable fantasy/para worlds and the other one on high concept with I believe Lori Wilde. Looking forward to all three, but especially the first one since I think Sab needs all the help she can get.
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Friday, July 27, 2007


Writing Urban Fantasy Q & A With Some of the Hottest Authors in the Genre

July 27th, 28th, and 29th at Romance Divas

Authors Attending:

Kelley Armstrong

Rachel Caine

Karen Chance

Shanna Swendson

Gena Showalter

Want to know how to write urban fantasy? Want to know how urban fantasy can range from dark to humorous? All you have to do is ask. Romance Divas is hosting a 3 day Q & A with some of the hottest names in the Urban Fantasy Genre. It will take place at the Romance Diva Forum. All are welcome. To get access to the forum you will need to register.
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Thursday, July 26, 2007


I haven't blogged in a few days. Between cleaning up (gah!), watering the plants outside in this heat (which takes at least an hour a day) and trying to get some words down...not to mention reading Harry Potter... its absolutely crazy. But I'd like to thank the makers of Relacore because I SO don't feel stressed :o)

So I cleaned up the 'office' area, okay, not so much an actual office but the area where I write. Managed to shred about a kitchen bag and a half of junk (no manuscripts, wips or story notes were harmed in the process *g*). I redid my storage system, and my first RS ms now sits in its very own bankers box. Its HUGE. Well the 4 versions of it complete with all my research is huge. But I will admit its much cleaner. Yesterday I redid my closet and tossed a few things and it looks a little better. Still have some work to do up there, but its too hot to work so I'll finish up either later tonight or tomorrow morning in the heat.

Between that, my best bud emailed and told me she's now not getting in till 6 Saturday night. So it cuts our time down a bit.

Writing wise, I got 2K down yesterday and am really, really close to hitting 50K on Cruel Summer. I mean SUPER, within 200 words close. So aiming for that tonight. When I do I'm celebrating by watching the Criss Angel episodes I taped Tuesday night. :o)
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

RWA CDs pt2

Quick FYI, if you ordered your conference cds last weekend and didn't get a confirmation email you may want to check to see if they did get your order. Turns out they had a server issue and I had to order mine again.
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You Are More Than Enough - Blog Tour '07

Judi Moreo is a leading authority in the areas of communication and motivation. She has conducted consulting assignments, training workshops, seminars and keynote speeches in 26 countries on 4 continents.
She has coached countless business leaders worldwide on issues of corporate change, cultural diversity and conflict management.

Her expertise has assisted corporations and organizations such as Walt Disney Imagineering; Sony Electronics; the U. S. House of Representatives; Investec Bank; U. S. Army; BMW; Johannesburg Stock Exchange; Nestle; and Nissan Motor Corporation.As an international business leader and entrepreneur, Judi knows first hand what it takes to be successful especially amidst political, social and cultural differences. In 1991, she became a senior executive in one of South Africa’s most prestigious corporations. In 2003, Judi was named Nevada Business Person of the Year by the U. S. Business Advisory Council. She is currently President of Turning Point International, Inc., an international performance improvement consulting firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce honored her with the Woman of Achievement – Entrepreneur Award.

She has served on the Boards of Directors of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Women’s Council; the World Modeling Association; the Greater Las Vegas Soroptimist; Women in Communication; and the Las Vegas Professional Speakers Association. Judi is listed in the World’s Who’s Who of Business and Professional Women; Who’s Who in Professional Speaking; and the World’s Who’s Who of Women, and was awarded the Outstanding Achievement and Community Service Award by the American Women in Radio and Television.This year Ms. Moreo received the Diamond Star Las Vegas Visionary Award.

You can visit her website at http://www.judimoreo.com/

Below is my interview with Judi --

Lis - What made you want to write this book?

Judi - I am a motivational speaker/trainer and as I traveled the world speaking with groups of 30 to 3,000 people, I kept hearing people say they wanted to be more, do more, have more. These people were disappointed and discouraged with where they are or where they seem to be headed and they didn't seem to know how to change it. After the seminars/programs, people would write and say they used the techniques I shared with them and their lives were better....so I thought the way to share the information with more people would be to write a book...thus "You Are More Than Enough" was born. My goal is to get it into the hands of 100,000 women this year.

Lis - What are the most common fears that keep people from finding their purpose?

Judi - The most common fears that hold people back are the fear of failure and the fear of rejection. These fears go hand in hand. If I fail, people will laugh at me or reject me. So we give up or don't try, rather than appear stupid or incapable.

Lis - What fear did you have to overcome to get to where you are today?

Judi - I had to give up many fears to become who I am today... the fear of failure, the fear of what other people would think, the fear of povery, the fear of being wrong. I had to learn to take risks and not pay attention to other people's criticism. I had to learn to trust God and myself.

Lis - What's the one piece of advice you hope readers of your book take away with them?

Judi - Readers will have to be ready to read this book. "You Are More Than Enough" is not a "feel good" book. It's a "be excellent" book. They will probably go through a whole range of emotions...from crying to laughter...to anger. To get the most out of this book, the reader will need to be open, willing and prepared to think about what they read and put into practice those technique and skills they believe will work for them. They may even need to try a few things they have doubts about. I know my advice works if you give it a chance. It's worked for me and for the people I have written about in the book. So my advice is "Read it and give it a chance."
You Are More Than Enough Synopsis:
For over twenty-five years, Judi Moreo has studied the lives and habits of highly motivated and successful people. She has unraveled the mystery behind the illusion that only a chosen few are allowed success, and has become a respected authority on high level performance, personal development, and self-esteem.
Judi has now translated her wealth of knowledge into a meaningful and motivating guide. Writing in a comfortable, conversation style, she gives you simple, usable techniques that you can apply to your everyday world. It’s like having afternoon tea with your best friend.
In this book, she discusses how to:
· Recognize and release the fears that are keeping you from finding your purpose
· Turn your thoughts, hopes and ideas into positive action
· Ignite the spark of your creativity to find ways of overcoming obstacles
· Motivate yourself to set powerful goals and passionately achieve them
· Use your imagination to visualize and fashion the future you desire
· Associate for success, increasing your influence and power
· Build on faith in yourself, your life, and your source
The moment you start to apply what you read in this book, you’ll come to the realization that you really are….more than enough.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

Busy Week

This week is going to be nuts. I signed up for a BIAW and I'm signed up for 70 Days of Sven and my best friend informed me about four days ago she's coming in to town Saturday morning to spend the wknd at my place. Which means I have to do a whole lotta cleaning between now and Saturday morning when I pick her up at the bus station. (I'm so excited btw, we haven't seen each other in person in almost 4 and a half years. We joke that we won't know recognize each other so I'm thinking about making a sign lol)

So this week has all the makings of being a crazy one, but should be a fun weekend! :o)
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

RWA CDs Question

Has anyone who ordered the CDs in the last few days gotten an email confirmation? I ordered mine Sunday but haven't gotten anything.
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Thursday 13

Thirteen Favorite Soap Couples

1. Frisco & Felicia - General Hospital

2. Sonny & Carly - General Hospital

3. Sonny & Brenda - General Hospital

4. Jake and Vicki - Another World

5. Ryan and Vicki - Another World

6. Leo and Greenlee - All My Children

7. Jax and Brenda - General Hospital

8. Tad and Dixie (early 90s) - All My Children

9. Cass and Frankie - Another World

10. Cass and Lila - Another World

11. Carl and Rachel - Another World

12. Jake and Paulina - Another World

13. Jason and Sam - General Hospital

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Join Susan Gregg, author of the non-fiction spirituality book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Short Meditations, as she virtually tours the blogosphere in July on her first virtual book tour!

Transformation is perhaps the best word to use when describing the life of Susan Gregg. Born in New York City and moving to rural Vermont in her teens. She went from being a depressed, lonely and fearful person to a woman who lives life passionately after studying with Sister Sarita and don Miguel in the 1980s in San Diego, California.

After completing her apprenticeship, she moved to Hawaii. Her studies with a Hawaiian teacher furthered her understanding of human behavior and spirituality, changing her inner landscape and her experience of life forever.

For the last two decades she has taught thousands of people how to live in true happiness. Susan now lives on the Big Island of Hawaii where she teaches tele-classes, offers local retreats, travels around the world teaching workshops, runs an on-line discussion group called Toltecmastery and regularly produces her very popular podcast, Food for the Soul.

You can visit her website at http://www.susangregg.com/ or her blog at http://www.shortmeditations.blogspot.com/.

You can purchase A Complete Idiot's Guide to Short Meditations here

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sweating With Sven

And I don't just mean this heatwave we're in here, although its so hot. 35C equals 100ish F right? Its been nearly a week of it and there's more in sight. Lovely! Or would be if I had air conditioning.

No I mean that oh so lovely 70 day writing challenge I signed up for. I haven't gotten that much done this week (am totally blaming the heat!) but I did get about 2 pages of notes for the novella idea after the hero recast himself and 1500 words on the YA. Once I find some nifty word count tools I'll put them over on the side.
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Favorite Shows This Summer -
1. Criss Angel Mindfreak - My dad started me watching this show. Can I just say how happy I am A&E runs it in a two hour block late Tuesday nights?
2. Celebrity Paranormal Project - I call it research. But its creepy. Esp. the Kentucky one, since I just watched a documentary on that place last month.
3. Big Brother - One of my summer favorites. Not sure who I like yet
4. Most Haunted - Too bad W network isn't running it every night like last year.
5. Location, Location
6. Relocation, Relocation. An hour long. More Phil and Kirsty :)
7. repeats of 2 and a half men
9. Dean & Tori Inn Love - funny
10/11/12 - Raw//ECW//Smackdown - any night I see John Cena/Edge/Carlito works for me :)
Esp. since they cancelled the show here in Edmonton next week.
13. 1 vs 100
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Left Behind...

Wow is it just me or is the writing world pretty quiet and its only a day into the conference.

I've been hanging out at the Divas Not Going To Conference Conference and touring the blogging national blogs. Found a great workshop by paperback writer - http://pbackwriter.blogspot.com/ that's definitely worth checking out. I had an aha! moment on today's post :o)

Other than that, working on my Seventy Day Challenge. I think my brava novella hero has decided to recast himself as the yummy Criss Angel...

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Monday, July 09, 2007


Especially for me lol!

Romance Divas announces the first annual "Not Going to Nationals Cyber Conference" from July 11-15, right here on the forum. Best all, it's FREE!
We'll be having workshops, Q&As, and giveaways each day. All you have to do is participate!!!!

July 11:
Workshop: Character Development with Sophia Shaw NEW WORKSHOP!
Q&A: TBA (either Elizabeth Larsen from the Larsen-Pomada Agency or a panel on multi-cultural romance with Deirdre Savoy and Karen Owens) NEW DATE!

July 12:
Workshop: Book Signing 101: Tips to Help Make your Signing a Success by Jackie Kessler
Q&A: Legal Issues for Writers by Amanda Brice

July 13:
Workshop: What to Expect After You Sign the Contract by Marley Gibson
Q&A: Erotic romance with Portia da Costa and Madelynne Ellis NEW DATE!

July 14:
Workshop: Writing Novellas by Sasha White
Q&A: How To Write Both YA and Adult Romance by Berta Platas

July 15:Workshop: Trim That Fatty Writing! by Rhonda Stapleton
Q&A: TBA (either with Elizabeth Larsen or with Deirdre Savoy and Karen Owens)

We also have loads of great giveaways, including books, critiques, coaching, and more!
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm in

Touring the blogs, I found this -- 70 Days writing a book in 70 days. So I signed up. I need to make some major progress on a couple projects. The brava novella that suddenly woke me up at 2am the other night, with a brand new feisty heroine and her best friend. I have to figure out the reunion theme but at least I have her down.


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The other day on the radio, one of the DJs was talking. Apparently someone did a poll where they asked women who they were ashamed to admit they were attracted to. The leader? Simon from American Idol. So my mom and I got into a discussion in the car about the same thing, one or two on my list actually surprised me. (And no, Simon wasn't anywhere there *g*)

Here's my list:

WWE wrestler Edge -
I don't know why. I don't get it. But hey, he's a good bad guy :o)

WWE wrestler Carlito --

Former Bad boy turned good turned bad again. I think he's cute. And I like his voice

Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby -- Okay the biggest reason for the ashamed of Sidney thing is he's going to be TWENTY next month. 20.

Gah. But he looks damn good in a suit and he's really talented.

Rick DiPietro, New York Islanders Goalie.
Okay this one's just because he's an Isle (and I really REALLY detest the Isles...cept Mike's there now too...so that's a whopping 2 Islanders I can stand) Other than that, not ashamed to say Rick's hot *g*

I do however refuse to say the worst attraction of all because well it is bad and my mom even said so. *g*
So, who's your most ashamed attraction? Or are you not ashamed of any of your celeb crushes?
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

FYI - Chatting

Saturday July 7th: Enchanted Reviews Opening
Website: www.enchantingreviews.com

Come join the staff of Enchanting Reviews and various guests in a live chat, as they celebrate the grand opening of their suite in The Romance Galleria, on Saturday, July 7 from 11AM - 6PM est.

They will be announcing the winners of the current contest; prizes provided graciously by Whiskey Creek Torrid Press and Aphrodite's Apples.
Various door prizes will be offered throughout the day as well. Dee and other members of the Enchanting Reviews Staff will be available to answer questions about Enchanted Reviews and what their future goals are.

*Please remember if you have not joined the Romance Galleria in a while to allow time for updates to download. http://www.theroman cegalleria. com/download. html

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The weather today is muggy. With a capital MUGG. On the bright side of being so hot you can't last more than an hour outside, my flowers are opening :o) The bonanza marigolds today and the new breed of african daisy on the weekend. The one pot has doubled in size but there's still two that aren't anything more than seedlings. Have to hit them with a major dose of fertilizer soon.

I'm not sure if its the heat or what but my brain has been in a complete fog the last few days. I even forgot what day it was today. I swore it was Wednesday when I woke up. I kid you not. I even started to write down that something in the mail today arrived Wednesday. Total brain fog. Apparently it and my muse decided to take off to the Bahamas without me. Ingrates! :O)

No big plans for the week, the Canadian long wknd is over. Writing probably will take up some time. Dad's on his last few days of holidays so probably end up running errands with him one of these days this week. Went to home depot yesterday. I want to go back to Chapters to see if the sale's still on and I need new shoes. Not a want. Its a need. I somehow managed to break the one pair of sandals (the strap may be fixable, dad's going to try and crazy glue it) and the inside's coming out of my only pair of flat sneakers. They may last the month. They may not. Can you tell i'm so NOT excited about shoe shopping? I tend to be pretty picky and I'm more comfortable in heels then flats so trying on flat sandals at this time of year when the place is going to be packed is so not my idea of fun.


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Sunday, July 01, 2007

July 1st

Happy Canada to all the Canuck readers/lurkers :o) For once we have really nice, hot weather. I think I've already sunburned my shoulders *g*

And the other important thing about July 1st, its free agency day in the NHL. :o) One of my favorite players, Tom Poti is now a Washington Capital (Yay for getting off the Island, boo for staying out east).

Did a little shopping yesterday. Bought books. I really need to be kept out of bookstores. At one point I had 9 books in my hand. I narrowed it down to 4 since I only had so much cash on me. Still no sightings of Suzanne's new book or Michelle's Fanged and Fabulous. But I did pick up a few I've been waiting months to get, including RISES THE NIGHT. Started the Kerrlyn Sparks I picked up, since I wanted a little 'lighter' para right now.

Anyone have any big plans for the wknd?
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