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Friday, June 29, 2007

I've Been TAGGED!

Here are the rules:
A. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.
B. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

8 Fun Facts to Know and Tell About Moi:

1// I've had a clairvoyant reading the radio three times :o)

2// My best friend and I got stuck//interviewed on the radio during a drive-thru contest entry thing a few years back on Canada day. My mom heard and knew it was me when the guy mentioned my nausea bands and claimed I wore them because my best friend was such a bad driver (which she totally isn't...and he called her Jimmy a boat... lol)

3// I have sometimes freaky luck when it comes to concert tickets (ala, Shania front row the day before the concert)

4// I started writing seriously a few weeks after my shih tzu died. So when I'm pubbed, my first book will be dedicated to my little muse HB

5// I rarely write in silence

6// I can do a pretty good ace ventura impression

7// I think I'm going to write a hockey story...keyword -- think

8// I don't like listening to my voice played back when I tape myself making notes on edits

So I have to tag 8 people, I'll start with Nell and Julie because I know their romance divas :o) Have to find a few more peeps


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Thursday, June 28, 2007

June Books

Thirteen Books I've Read This Month

1. The Haunting - Hope Tarr

2. The Nymph King - Gena Showalter

3. Charmed and Dangerous - Candace Havens

4. Untouched - Samantha Hunter

5. Your Wish Is My Command - Donna Kauffman (reading now)

6. Scent of Darkness (ARC) - Christina Dodd

7. Touch of Darkness (ARC) - Christina Dodd (Reading now)

8. Jinxed - Beth Ciotta (still reading)

9. Just Try Me - Jill Shalvis

10. Spying In High Heels - Gemma Halliday

11. Risking It All - Stephanie Tyler

12. Hidden Obsession - Joanne Rock

13. Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Insomnia's Good For One Thing

Clearing out the TBR pile. Last night I started (and finished) Gena Showalter's The Nymph King. Loved it. I'm a big fan of her Atlantis series. Finished Samantha Hunter's UNTOUCHED, the extreme blaze I got in my last ehq order and got halfway through Poison Study. The night before I made a dent in a couple blazes (The Haunting was one, still iffy on the ending. Might need a reread when I'm not in insomnia mode)

Can't imagine what I'll be able to finish off tonight if its another up to 5am marathon like the last 2 days have been. If only my muse would kick in, Chey's word count might be surprisingly cool. I'd love to hit 50 on the wip this week.

PS. I lost the link to a blog contest maybe someone knows. The prize was a red covered HQN book, really recent release or upcoming. Contest started last wknd I think. I can't remember which blog it was (I gotta keep better track of these things) if you know, would you tell me? hehe Thanks!
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Monday, June 25, 2007


I'm not looking at the total of words I typed in the last week doing a biaw. All I know is I had 26K at the start and I'm at about 44K now. Not all the new words are going to make it to the next draft, but with working chats at divas it really helped the # climb :o)
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Can't Think

of a half decent title. Right now it seems to me this blog entry is going to be more of a ramble - babble type of post.

So, the writing seems to have kicked into gear this week. I joined a biaw group on yahoo, they were doing it the week before and I'd been in then and then stress hit and I zoned out. So I thought I'd join up again when they decided to try for a second week. I'm kicking butt so far, I'm almost at 10K for the week :o) I want to hit 40K on Chey's story tonight/tomorrow if all goes well. Then I'll put what I've got so far in order and let it simmer for awhile. I still haven't entered anything into the RJ contest. I'm not sure what all I want to enter. Most of what I have even in rough stages needs to be rewritten anyways, but at least I've got 6 weeks till the contest deadline. Goal is to at least get one in by mid-July. Maybe the darker para.

I didn't enter the stilletto contest. The entry fee was a little too steep for me, even with the half decent exchange rate. Plus the agent for the category I'd been thinking of entering didn't like Sab the first go around anyways, she's the only one who gave me a form R on Vegas. So the thirty some dollars gets to stay with me and either go towards the RWA workshop cds or the rewriting workshop I saw online for August. Or books lol Whichever interests me most I guess.

Hope everyone has a great wknd! :o)
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


In the good news department I managed 3K on my YA ms yesterday. Picture me happy dancing. :o) I'm not sure all of the 3K is going to end up in the finished ms, but for now its there and its good.

I've also recast the bad boy in the story. (okay he's not that bad boy, but he's been in and out of rehab, he drives fast and at times he's been a playa...) anyway, originally I had him cast with Logan from Gilmore. But last night I was thinking of who plays Milo and I was thinking Sidney Crosby would make a good Milo.

Then I found this picture...

Meet my new bad boy :o)


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So today's always a roughish day for me. 5 years ago I had to put my beloved 4 year old shih tzu down. Its weird to realize he's now been gone longer than I had him. :o(

Spent some of the morning sitting outside. Its finally nice enough (we had 2 thunderstorms yesterday. One in the afternoon and one at 7 that the thunder shook the house. Always nice lol) Finished reading my arc of Christina Dodd's SCENT OF DARKNESS. Love that book!! Its a great, dark para that's out next month. Just started the sequel, TOUCH OF DARKNESS and three chaps in.

Writing's going slow. SLOW. Like non existant. I love how my head starts rewriting my last manuscript now. :o) Amuses me to no end.

Since writing is well not happening right now, I'm making a dent in my TBR pile. I mentioned Christina's. Finished off Stephanie Tyler's RISKING IT ALL. I think its one of my favorite blazes of the year. Have to see if anyone over at Pink Heart Society has reviewed it yet. If not, I'll write one up. (I signed up to review last year, but haven't put one up yet. Though in my defence I was asked to review a couple intrigues that never arrived. Darn post office!)

Read anything good lately?


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Saturday, June 16, 2007

I've been a bad blogger. But its not all my fault. Its been a stressful week at best, and to top it off, we lost power about 3 out of the 5 days this week. Between that and thunderstorms taking me offline, I haven't been able to get much done.

I was supposed to go over and see a friend's new baby boy Tuesday night but wasn't able to. So mom and dad went without me and assured me the baby is cuter than the picture that was sent home with them.

My writing's dropped off too. I'm feeling so stressed out with a lot of things lately I pick up a pen, read over what I have and just blank out. So a holiday might be in order.

And to cap things off, my dad bought me the nice Cary Grant box set of movies. I have to return them *sniff* because they all skip. I tried it on both computers and its the same problem, so they must be faulty discs.
Just hasn't been my week.

Hope everyone's week was better than mine!
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Book Talk

When I was out running errands today, looking for Colleen Gleason's RISES THE NIGHT (which I couldn't find and I went everywhere. Either its completely sold out or they never had it in the first place) I was lucky enough to pick up some more books for the TBR pile. So at Wal-Mart I got Lois Winston's LOVE, LIES AND A DOUBLE SHOT OF DECEPTION which wasn't on my booklist but the back blurb sold me. Then I went to Zellers thinking they'd have Colleen's book. Nope. But on the shelves of the $4.99 books I found a bunch of Jill Shalvis books (Seeing Red, Blue Flame, a couple anthology) plus Gemma Halliday's SPYING IN HIGH HEELS, the first in her high heels series. So I walked out of Zellers with the 2 Jill Firefighter books and Gemma's not too mention Rachel Vincent's STRAY (which wasn't a $4.99 book, but they only had left so I grabbed one). So if you're a canuck and are looking for some good books at a nice price, check out Zellers because they had loads. I saw Jenny Crusie, Marianne Mancusi's first book, lots of Stephanie Bond and others. :o)

Anyone else add another tower to their tbr pile this week? On top of these ones, my ehq order came last week. *eeks* I have now spent more on books in 2 weeks than I did for my camoflage capris lol


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Thursday, June 07, 2007


So its been about 25 hours give or take, since the Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup. I think I'm nearing withdrawls lol I didn't watch all the game last night but its on tape so I can go through the whole thing. I do kinda want to see Chris Phillips scoring on his own goal. Like my dad said last night, for whatever reason the hockey gods were completely against Ottawa. I don't see the point though in benching players in a game 5, make or break game. Especially being down 2 goals already. Nuff said. But I'm sensing an Ottawa shake up before training camp.

Guess that leaves the next most *fun* thing in hockey to look forward to ---

July 1st marks the start of UFA signings and since 4 of my favorite players are UFA, this is going to be interesting. Much like trade deadline day, but without the emotional trauma of finding out your fave player has just been thrown aside from your team and gone to hell...or the Islanders. Same thing I guess lol


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Thirteen Favorite Movies I'm Rewatching This Summer

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

2. Live A Little, Love A Little

3. A Knight's Tale

4. Who's That Girl

5. Harry Potter (I'm combining them all into one lol)

6. Shrek

7. Tequila Sunrise

8. Tango and Cash

9. Pride and Prejudice (BBC)

10. Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley version)

11. High Society//Philadelphia Story

12. Sleeping With The Enemy

13. Pretty Woman

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


We had our first big storm of the season this afternoon. I was smart enough (ha!) to decide to go check the hanging flower pots when I noticed it was really windy, so I grabbed my keys, locked the door and stepped outside. Right into blowing rain, hail and thunder. Yes, the second I got out the door the rain gods decided to let 'er rip. By the time I ran around the corner of the house, I looked like a contestant in a wet t-shirt contest. lol But the plants looked okay where they were and I wasn't about to venture into the mud to try and take them down. Since it was coming down so hard I ended up staying around the side of the house till the hail stopped pounding against me (which needless to say, getting pelted by dime sized hail, OUCH) and I could race for the door to let myself in. I guess I'd missed the funnel cloud overhead since there were tornado warnings for the west of us on the radio when I came in. And I guess one was or had touched down around 4pm. Eeks. Looks like storm season has officially begun.
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

FYI - RJ Writing Contest

The RJ writing contest is now accepting submissions.
1. It's free.
2. Published and Unpublished authors can submit (with the exception of published authors from Dorchester Publishing.
4. The top finalists get a critique by one of our author panelists. Each Author is assigned one entry and does a critique for that entry. The top three entries will be read by Christopher Keeslar, Senior Editor of Dorchester Publishing will read the top three and from them pick a Grand Prize Winner. And that Grand Prize Winner will get a Palm TX with a wireless keyboard. Info about the contest and the link to submit can be found here - http://www.contestjunkies.com/index.html

Note:We need help spreading the word about this years contest. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated ;-)

Authors: We are looking for Articles on Writing. Have one to contribute? We are looking for writing articles to go along with our writing contest. Requirements - Content must be PG13. How can you contribute? Click the link below and choose under Category Articles on Writing http://www.contestjunkies.com/artman/exec/admin.cgi?id=imawriter&pw=contest&login=1
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Friday, June 01, 2007


So its the first night of the finals without hockey. *sniffle* I haven't blogged on the finals yet because well I was hoping Ottawa would turn things around a little after Game 1. I mean they started off great (I thought that first goal was Mikey's) then the Ducks came in and well took over the first two games.

Emery definitely kept them in Game 2. But where the heck have Alfie, Spezza and Heatley gone? I mean they can't generate anything and I can't count how many giveaways Spezza's done in the last 2 games. I just hope going back to Ottawa rejuvenates their game.

Eaves was impressive in game 1, hitting anything that moved (I especially enjoyed him hitting Prongs!). Comrie's playing goo even when Anaheim keeps going after his head. The reffing though stinks. I mean, hello, crosschecks to the head? No call. Guy trips himself on Anaheim and some Sens guy is headed to the box. Its crazy. And is just me or wasn't there usually just two refs who called the series? None of this rotating guys every night.

Anyways, I still think overall Ottawa's a better team, but they haven't been playing like it.

I just hope its not the Ducks in 5.


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