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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Dallas is officially out of the playoffs :o(

The only good news is now #4 can go have surgery on his ankle, which he should have done earlier.

If anyone out in Texas wants a gameworn Dallas jersey, go by the stars site and enter. The *&*&@$@(* apparently decided only residents of Texas can win the jerseys the boys wore this year *grumble grumble* Guess it doesn't matter if your a fan if your out of the state
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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

I realize I may have used that blog title somewhere, sometime before. But its all I could think up at the moment. So I've been a little lax in the posting lately, sorry. Between bouts of just 'yuck' in different aspects of my life lately I haven't felt like spending much time at the comp.
Read over some bits of HP & STTA and realized just how much work its gonna take to get them ready to submit in the AT3 contest, which I'm determined to enter something in. Well one of them lol I need to practically cut HP in half *last version topped out at 500+ pages* and I'm contemplating making STTA a little more chick-litish in tone. Which could work. Its a friends w/ benefits thing. And Britney's freaking out could be a little more cl style, so see where that goes.

And I found a new contest to enter, Romance Junkies is having their annual writing contest. Click Romance Junkies for info. But definitely planning on entering there too. Hmmm what else. Oilers won today, making it a 3-2 series lead over Detroit. Is it wrong I'm cheering the Oil? Hmm. Even Pronger isn't annoying me as much. But the elf still is. :o) Dallas plays tomorrow afternoon so definitely won't be around. Well unless #4 doesn't play then I will lol
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Friday, April 28, 2006

What are you reading?

Just finished THE WARRIOR by Heather Grothaus. Such an awesome book. If you haven't read it yet, do!!

Since I'm really lazy today and can't think, I post the back blurb for you below:

Tristan D'Argent returns from battle to claim the keep bequeathed to him by King William, only to find his lands under the ruthless control of a treacherous rival--a man who has secured Tristan as his stepdaughter's betrothed. Determined to get his due without being trapped in marriage, Tristan prepares to win by any means necessary, only to be confronted by the beautiful face of the woman who haunts his dreams. She is Haith, the half-sister of his bartered bride.

Haith never imagined seeing the man of her moonlit visions in the flesh, or worse, as her greatest tormentor. Caught in the bitter treachery of sworn enemies, neither Tristan's strong words nor tender promises can quell her fear that their destinies have not yet begun to play out...in a time where the might of men rules with a vengeance, and the warrior who fights for love takes the greatest risk of all....

I so SO loved this book. A great, yummy hero in Tristan and a spunky heroine in Haith, with a great cast of supporting characters. Stayed up till 2 last night to finish it. If your in the mood for a great historical, definitely try this one!

Next up, I finally found HER SEXIEST MISTAKE (it had gone missing when I moved my stack of books around. That'll teach me to turn a stack backwards) so I get to finally finish it! Yay!!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

What I've been up to...

Well obviously I'm not online lately. :o) Aside from watching a hockey game a night (erm, what's happened to the Dallas Stars? Did someone put something in their water?) I've been forced to do other things.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon outside, working on my pots. Did a soil mix, filled up my 4 big pots and one of the window boxes and seeded like crazy. Put plastic over top to keep the birds out and make a little mini greenhouse. Hoping to see some green under there soon since its been nice and warm out and should stay that way this weekend. I think this is the actual earliest I've seeded outdoors, since I checked my planner from last year and it was the end of May when I did them. Plus dad said he'll buy me some new pots, so I'm happy. Plus I get the one area at the back of the yard to seed, thinking about puttings the cosmos and some of the other tall ones that got out of hand in pots there this year. Still no signs of my petunias I started so need to get to the garden centre and see if they have any seeds. Looked at wal-mart this afternoon but all they had were the fancy ones from McKenzie and I tried those last year and got nothing (but they refunded my money). Did have to transplant my tomatoes. They outgrew my starters inside and they're already about 4 inches tall and sprouting the second set leaves. So put them into the plastic 4 packs and stuck them in the shed outside. Leaves me about 3/4 of the mold to reseed with something else. Thinking either more pansies or some zinnias, maybe carnations since I found my seeds *g*

Plan for tonight - watch the Oil-Detroit game at 7:30 and that's about it.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Been Tagged...

Eve tagged me, so here we go:

Six Weird Things About Me

~ Love tomato sauce, soup, ketchup, but will never ever eat a straight tomato much to the chagrin of my parents.

~ Love corn chips, not so much fond of actual corn anymore

~ Used to cover my steak in vinegar before eating it when I went out to a restaurant to eat.

~ I don't like creasing books, bending pages or otherwise damaging them. I'll even dig through a pile of books just to find one with the least damage.

~ Sadly addicted to WWE wrestling. I can give you names, heights, weights, titles won of most of the wrestlers past and present.

~ I enjoy doing laundry

So I now tag Nell with this one!
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Okay, I'm hoping (desperately hoping) someone will know what I'm talking about.

Somewhere in cyberspace, next month, there's a workshop on writing paranormal. To join it was about $25 or $35 US (this I remember) but the link or who's having it or who's giving it is gone. I was SURE I'd bookmarked it, but alas, its not there.

It covered a bunch of things, like stuff about the different types of paranormal. Ect.

If you know what i'm talking about, I'd be eternally thankful! :o)
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Monday, April 24, 2006

What to do, what to do...

American Title III

They always say that good things come in threes. So once again Dorchester is offering all unpublished authors a chance to participate in the American Title contest, co-sponsored by Romantic Times.
This year we’re looking for contemporary romance: chick lit, romantic suspense, paranormals, romantic comedies and anything that falls in between.
The finished manuscript should be 80,000-90,000 words, but to start we just need the first three chapters and a synopsis that summarizes the story from beginning to end. Send your entries by June 1st to:
Dorchester Publishing
200 Madison Ave., Suite 2000
New York, NY 10016
Please note that “unpublished” refers to authors who have never had a full-length novel appear in print form.
Eve so very kindly sent me a link to this the other day. Remembering my reading last summer this seems to fit in. And I know which one I'd sub (not Sab!) but what happens if you've got agents reading partials of something else? Does unpublished mean unsold? I'm confuzzled. Think this calls for a google search.
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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Birthday Boy...

A little happy birthday to the inspiration for Sab's hero :o) (And my newest main reason for watching RAW every Monday *g*)
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Schedule set...

Finally found the Dallas stars playoff schedule. All I knew before was they played Saturday afternoon (yay for Centre Ice, or I wouldn't have seen it!) and Monday night. Now originally Monday night had me worried, since its the same night as my beloved RAW and really...its almost equal, watch Cena, Shawn and Carlito or watch the dallas stars play...but TSN made up my mind for me. They're showing the game with RAW immediately afterward! woohoo!!!

Happy dance all around.

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Oooh I feel all Saturday night live all of a sudden *g* Course its not the weekend, but hey close enough.

So, I don't remember if I blogged on this last week but I finally started my seeds inside. Didn't get all the ones planted I'd hoped (Zinnias and Dahlias still aren't in, neither are the marigolds) but did get a flat each of pansys, petunias and snaps plus half and half peppers and tomatoes. Uhm, should it worry anyone that in under a week my tomatoes are an inch tall? Yes? No? I can't remember if that's the norm or not. Snaps are up like crazy, may have overseeded, but the seeds are so small and they blend right in with the dirt I couldn't tell. May have to do what I hate and thin them out. And most of the pansies seem to be up and greeny, so everything except for the petunias are nice and green and showing signs of life.

What else...

#4 played in his 700th NHL game Tuesday night. Yay & congrats to him. Though his goal was disallowed (boo!! I still say it crossed the line, then Denis brought it back) just hope he sees some ice and not from the press box during the playoffs.

And now my wishlist. Apparently in Dallas, the stars are selling a t-shirt that says Helsinki South. Someone on the official stars board posted a pic and it looks cool. Except, the fun part, its not available on the stars website or the nhl.com one, oh no, apparently only in the stars shop or in the aac. *sigh* So tomorrow or Friday I'm gonna try to email someone at the stars and see what's up with that? Can't a gal in Edmonton get her hands on one? I mean come on, I went to the game here in a FINNISH jersey for crying out loud... :o) I wants me that t darn it.

Hope everyone's having a good wednesday!
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Random post...

Talking to my best friend on msn right now, she's an hour away from her last final of the semester. So good luck vibes and thoughts heading Kris' way :o)

But she gave me this and we both laughed over my comment (it follows) - stress relief tips:

before i forget, i was given stress relief strategies from another student that may help. A) creating an original interpretive dance B) throwing colorful items at inanimate objects like textbooks C) repeatedly introducing your head to the surface of your desk or wall D) clutching your knees while rocking back and forth screaming, crying or swearing in a language only you can understand.

Kris favors the last 3. I however came up with something new...

Go with option one. Now instead of writing an actual query letter, send along a cover letter:
Dear agent,
enclosed is a video taped interpretive dance representing what I feel is the theme of Sabrina's story

*big grin*

Not that I'd ever do it of course, but good fun on messenger!
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I've been tagged...

Eve tagged me last night, so here we go -

Four jobs you've had in your life:
1. Student
2. writer
3. writer/accountant for the school newspaper
4. temporary physio therapist when dad came home from surgery and i had to count his reps

Four movies you'd watch over and over:
1. Live A Little, Love A Little
2. Viva Las Vegas
3. Rhinestone
4. Mr & Mrs. Smith

Four places you have lived:
1. Bethune, Saskatchewan
2. Regina, Saskatchewan
3. Here
4. ?

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. Gilmore Girls
2. RAW
3. Desperate Housewives
4. CSI (vegas & Miami)

Four websites you visit daily
1. Jill's blog
2. Nell's blog
3. Eve's blog
4. agentquery.com

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. Waskasou, Saskatchewan
2. Calgary, Alberta
3. Regina, Saskatchewan
4. ?

Four of your favorite foods:
1. Lasanga
2. Steak sandwich
3. Pot roast
4. chicken fried rice and bean sprouts

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Vegas
2. Dallas (for the playoffs, not the heat! *g*)
3. Memphis
4. Italy

So I'll tag Nell, Olga *waves* and Jess if she stops by this week/wknd :O)
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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Or sort of.

Just realized I like the one word blog titles. Keeps my thinking to a minimum I guess *g*

Anyways, I'm back in the land of the living. Or at least more than I have been the last week. Down to a single dose of that godawful tylenol liquid cough syrup. Can some place please make something that takes half decent? Every time I poured a capful it reminded me of that seabreeze toner I used to use a few years ago and yuck...I never wanted to drink that or this stuff. Though could be worse, could have been buckleys I guess.

My new fave commericial. I must share this. The new subway one with Jon Lovitz. Now not because the girl in the commericial's named Lisa, but for the fact blonde boy resembles a certain individual and the glee in Jon Lovitz's voice when he says ' the blonde boy is a loser' for that alone i'm on a quest to get it on tape. See what being doped up on cough meds does? lol

Playoffs start Friday *happy dance* and that means good hockey. Not that the last few weeks haven't been good hockey, but there's been a LOT of boring hockey. So I'm muchly looking forward to it. And the Oilers quick but swift elimination *g*

Other than that, started seeds inside Wednesday I think. Pansies and snaps already up or beginning to. Nothing on the petunias yet...or the tomatoes/peppers tray. Maybe when it gets sunny this week they'll start to show up.

Anyways, happy easter!
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Friday, April 14, 2006


I'm sick. With a capital S.

I managed to go the whole winter without a cold and now here I am hacking like crazy. My throat hurts. I'm exhausted and just plain blah...

And to top it off, Canucks are out of the playoffs :o(

Bad week all around.

So if I'm not around for awhile, you'll know why. I'm nicely doped up on disgusting tylenol liquid, sound asleep some where :o)

Just in case I'm away from the compie all weekend (most likely) Happy Easter all!!
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

He shoots...he scores...

a picture's worth 1000 words... :o)

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

200 posts...

Or technically 201 if the blogger post thingie on the dashboard's to be believed. Wow. Doesn't seem like that many.

According to one of my best friend's I'm thinking too much. And its probably true. I have a weird brain that doesn't like to shut itself off. And you know something might be true when my dad starts mentioning things. Because he's not quite the type too. And he's been watching Dr. Phil (eeks) and talking about different accounts or bases in my life running low. I don't know, I don't pay much attention when my parents discuss DP. *g* I'm not one of his biggest fans.
But anyways, I'm thinking too much. And its showing in Sabrina *groan* Not good. Really not good.

I'm considering moving on to something else right now and just chucking Sab aside. Its been 6 months and frankly I'm damn tired of these people. So we'll see what crops up to work on for awhile. Even my vice fanfic fails to interest me right now. Could go back and work on something else that's been in the works for 6 yrs (sorry Shan!) but still iffy on it. I'm rewriting it from the start and trying to finish the original draft where I got myself into a corner. That's the one that made me realize I need to block out everyone else's suggestions but my own or the story can go (and WILL GO) totally off course.

Other then that, watched RAW last night. I loved Cena's promo. And nearly fell off the couch when he said 'some people out there want me to be more evil, more...and more sexual." Let's just say I'm a very happy camper I got that on tape *g*

Stars are playing tonight @ 6:30, against Columbus, should be an iffy game. I'm more into watching the Coyotes and Canucks this week. Coyotes because its the final week of the season for them and Cancucks because they're trying desperately to get into playoffs.
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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Long Night...

Its gonna be a long, long night.

I feel crappy and am not about to leave the computer for anything for quite awhile.
Stack of DVDs beside me, half a can of coke and a stashed chocolate bar. I'm good to go. Plus I'm actually *gasp* in the mood to write and if I can finish polishing 3 I can get into where the real fun begins (though Lila's appearance itself is good fun)

What else, hmmm...can't quite think of much.
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Its a Good Day...

Okay, now i have that early morning church show song in my head from the early 80s *shakes head* but I'm having a good day :o)

Got the last pair of capris in my size at costco, they're so comfy. I luv them (this makes pair #2, but I'm gonna live in them practically all summer) and they're decent enough I can wear them out without cringing (ala my sweats).

AND, the better news of all, according to google alert and confirmed on the Dallas Stars website #4 is in the line-up tonight!!! *happy dance* and they're playing the coyotes, so double dose of fave players (Mike & Janne) Woohoo!!

And to top it off, at the Dallas website, they're having a contest for game worn signed jerseys, so I entered. Please, just don't let me win Zubov (probably just jinxed myself right? lol)

Hope everyone's having a good wknd!
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Friday, April 07, 2006

Speaking of Sabrina...

I'm working on chapter 3, aka Lila's grand entrace...does anyone think listening to Joe Nichols' song TEQUILA MAKES HER CLOTHES FALL OFF bodes badly??? ;o)
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For Your Entertainment...

Since I was asked to talk a little bit about the various wips, I'll share some
blurbs below. Most are in wip mode, though HP & STTA are waiting for an overhaul
sometime soon. If I missed one, let me know. Just going off the top of my head...

Sabrina - Yes, I know I have an offical title now (thanks Olga! *g*) but there's a
part of me that simply won't stop calling the blasted ms Sabrina. So Vegas Whisper,
Sabrina...all the same. Basically its the story of a girl, who on the eve of her 27th birthday finds out she's about to get a very special gift, which unfortunately for her comes in the
form of her meddling grandmother Lila. Chaos, laughs and weird moments ensue. :o)Its been fun to write and I'll have to share the story behind it sometime.
(hero inspiration - John Cena)

TROUBLE - well originally a spin off of B/J. What happens when you bump into one of
your circle at speed dating? This one's getting a major overhaul, switching locales from Miami *sigh, yes I do love Miami, which erm I didn't notice till I pulled out the notes for this the
other day. I've set a lot of stories there, ms and fics.* to Malibu and the characters morph quite a bit too. Originally aimed at MX, not sure where its going now...
(hero inspiration...not quite sure, he's been modeled after a few guys at different stages)

WINNING BID - Set in the Napa Valley. Alright, if any of you saw the Bachelor when
Andrew was the bachelor? Such a cutie...anyways, I always thought it would be neat
to set a story there...and I sorta did a reversal, instead of the guy owning a
vineyard, its the heroine...
Another aimed at MX, ditto...

STTA - Originally an MX, stretched back to single title, may try it again as a
chick-lit. We'll see.What happens when a simple game of truth or dare leads to much, MUCH more? That's what two best friends are on the verge of finding out.Classic best friends with benefits story. Started as a fanfic if you can believe that (and SO doesn't even resemble the original anymore)

(hero inspiration - Josh Duhamel)

HER PROTECTOR/TO PROTECT HER - Oh this is bad. I can't even remember my query blurb for this one anymore. Taken straight off the query letter --
Imagine waking up with no memory, unable to explain your sudden appearance on the private beach and even more importantly, no explanation for the cuts and bruises that cover your face and body.
This is what Carly Sinclair faces the moment she opens her eyes and finds herself in Matt Nolan’s guest room. With no recollection of how she ended up on his beach or why she looks as though she’s been in a fight for her very life, her only clue to her identity is a near ruined photo in her pocket with what she believes is her first name scribbled on the back and the haunting nightmares of a struggle.
Matt Nolan doesn’t expect to have to play protector when he rescues the woman he finds washed ashore on his private beach. But now with her nightmares of a faceless man and the feeling that someone somewhere is watching, his once quiet life is almost completely disrupted. Add in a bar fight, a private investigator from Miami and his growing attraction that he’s determined to keep to himself and Carly is almost more trouble than she’s worth.

(hero - Leo from Charmed)

UNTITLED A - The women's fic-ish idea. Though maybe it could have a chick-lit
flavor to it? Who knows. Two best friends steal their third best friend away for a
few days before her wedding, hoping to keep her from making the biggest mistake of
her life (so they think). Is he cheating or not? All hinges on one very important
phone call...

THAT OLD FEELING - I had to throw this one in. My Miami Vice fanfic :o) First one
that I got inspired to write about two months ago during the height of my Crockett
infatuation. What happens when Crockett's MIA Ex comes back to pose as his
undercover girlfriend? This one features some of my favorite lines too...

(hero? uhm if you can't figure that out lol)
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

We Interrupt This Blog...

To announce Chapter 2 is officially DONE

That's right, no typo...no mistake. Chapter 2 is in the books, complete and I think not half bad. (though no one else has yet weighed in lol)

Onwards and upwards to chapter 3.

And I have a spanking new idea for a new scene between Sab and Lila that's guaranteed LOL. What happens when grams decides to teach Sab a lesson in picking up men that results in a contest? Read and see :o)

See what happens when I stay up late and watch a little WWE DVD? Ha...Batista inspires new scenes lol
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Long time no post :o)

Took a mini vacation...rested the arm and the wrists. Don't like elbow pain. Managed to do something to the tendon on my left foot. Fun. So my newest fashion accessory this spring...the ace bandage. Looks pretty what with the sparkly nailpolish :o)

Managed to do a little shopping. My horoscope monday said to go out and get myself a present. Since I didn't get out of the house Monday, went to wally mart yesterday and bought myseld SEVEN WWE dvds, woohoo. All marked down to the wonderfully low price of $6.88. Found a few I'd been searching for for a couple years now. Got into a mini argument with dad (which happens when I seem to spend any money... *sigh*) but the DVDs are home, sitting on my desk. And my DVD to be watched pile, now rivals the TBR pile. Good thing or no?

In other news...

Debating on which new idea to start. I have one going through my head, it likes to recur that sorta seems based on some British movie I only saw half of. Three friends sorta deal. No real romance involved. I don't know if its chick-lit...maybe women's fic? Don't know since I haven't put a word down, but I had the three characters introducing themselves to me last night till 6 in the morning. Not a good week for Deja Vu to stop airing vice. Add in mom's new fascination with CSI (three eps a night on various channels) and its a wonder I was able to close my eyes at all. But I have to say, I do like Horatio's voice.

Hope everyone's having a good week!
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Saturday, April 01, 2006


First off, I gotta say...HE PLAYED...yay, he played last night. Four game stretch as a scratch and he finally got in. Okay so its because Zubov (rolls eyes) got hurt, but still. He played. He shot. He had an assist. Happy happy. Just another 3.5 hours till tonight's game. If he's not playing, I'm watching Phoenix play. So happy Mikey got his 100th in the last coyotes game, he really took some hits in that one.

So, onto the subject of muses. Is there a way to train these things, people, mystical creatures? Because mine showing up at three a.m and teasing me with lines really isn't nice anymore. Especially since I just fell into bed at two. *sigh* Can't they work 9-5 or even like noon - five? Too much to ask I know.

I figured out some of the problem with chapter 2. Trying to fix it. But I'm at the point where I'm shouting enough already. At the end of April its six months on this manuscript. YUCK. I want something new. New I say, brand new.

I want a new hero (okay, so I can still use Cena, but with a different name...) and a heroine who isn't Sabrina! *g* I don't remember Nick being this much trouble *glances around and hides from the peanut gallery before they can remind me of how much worse he is - in a good way of course*
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