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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just found...

Janet Reid's critiquing queries. Good procrastination activity :o)

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I've been sick the last three/four days. It started Saturday afternoon when I felt really yucky at Costco and its gotten worse from there. Though however, Saturday I did discover the loveliness that is the Harvey's cheeseburger. Yum! Wouldn't mind another one of those. But since we're all sick, the likelihood of getting one is slim to zilch.

I've been trying to do some work, but really, there isn't a lot happening with the way I feel. Did spend some time reading on the weekend and finished a new book last night. It comes out next month, LIKELY STORY by David Van Etten. Really cool YA.

Anyways, quick update to let ya know I am still breathing just well, feeling pretty craptastic at the moment.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Despite everything that possibly could go wrong this morning going wrong -- getting booted from the pitch after the first question; computer locking up and becoming unresponsive, my dad bringing me the laptop and tripping on his way downstairs... I did manage to get a request for Dark Intent.

I'm feeling rather eh about the whole thing--not the request, request is always good but I think I'm having post traumatic shock about the rest of it.

So there you go. If I go in silent mode for awhile its because I'm putting the finishing touches on Ryder and Arabella and trying to get over my guilt for having my dad fall, trip and go boom and hit his head this morning.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pitch Pt 2

Got the detailed info yesterday on the pitch. Need to check tonight and make sure I can get into the chat room and decide which browser has less chance of freezing up. But according to the list, I'm going fourth. Works for me. :o) I think I was fourth too last time I did the temptation pitch.

Still trying to think what I don't know about the story and trying to figure it out. Probably spend the weekend writing notes and putting them on the computer. I know someone on the thread suggested having it handy for copying and pasting. Sounds good to me, because my mind just might go blank and I could start calling Arabella Ryder by mistake, or messing up their character. Plus there's a few more research points I need clarified too that should be worked in.

So you know if the blog's silent the next few days, I'm busy rereading, editing and trying to brush up on my characters! :o)


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Good News

Some really good news just hit my inbox a couple minutes ago. Remember how I entered that nocturne pitch? Well, I'm one of the 5 the editor picked to pitch.

I still grinning like an idiot. And now I have to try and figure out what I don't know about Ryder and Arabella so I can be prepared next week. :o)


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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good Day

Had a good day today, despite missing my Nocturne folder for a good most of the afternoon. See, most of the ms is handwritten and in one of two binders. My research notes and some of the handwritten scenes that I need to put the info into are in the folder, which has been always with the blue note-tote binder all week.

So this afternoon, I have the house to myself. I have my binders on my desk ready to work. I find the first group of pages to type in the binder and get to typing. Finish those, go to grab the ones out of the folder so I can double check what else I need for a few others scenes so I can email a few more questions and there is NO folder. Nadda. Nothing. So picture a panicked writer, thinking what if it fell somehow into the newspapers in the living room and got scooped up for recycling (total fear!) so for three hours, every time I took a break from straight writing and taking loads in and out of the washing machine, I'd go take a look. Not in the living room. Not in my room. Not anywhere.

Then mom comes home, lifts the papers up on my desk, the ones I'd gone through twice that afternoon and there it is.

*sigh* How's that for ironic?

But all the pages are typed for the day, so tomorrow I can veg out on the couch with the binders, do some editing on the printed out pages and watch the flames-sharks game :o)
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keeping Busy

Well the nocturne blurb for the pitch is in, after spending the weekend brainstorming up titles (and oh some of them were B_A_D). So I can relax on that part and work on getting the research notes I got from a q&a into the ms. Fun! Actually the lady who answered my questions gave me tons of info which actually got me another scene idea for the novel. Should be good once I get it all down. Plus I get to spend the time typing up the handwritten pages, which unfortunately for this one, there is a lot of.

In other news, its that fun time of year. Playoffs. And yay Sidney and the Penns!! And Big Georges for setting up that lovely first goal last night. Just too bad he didn't get the goal, but at least its an assist and I watched a bit of the press conference after. Really wish I'd had capture going since SC looked HUGE in that t-shirt. Dad thought he looked more like a linebacker. So I'm googling for awhile tonight trying to find a pic of that. Planning on watching game 2 of the Flames series, don't get why they're playing back to back the first two nights, but hopefully the result is the same as last night. Go Flames Go!

And in the big yay, I got more review books yesterday :o) My bookshelf is threatening to overfill at the moment, but I'll tidy it up some more soon. Looks like some great ones to add to the to-be-reviewed pile. 4 YAs from Simon and Schuster and Alyssa Day's Atlantis Awakening. Can't wait for that one.
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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Keeping Busy

I'm trying hard to forget how long the latest round of submissions has been out. (One since Feb. 19th if you must know... that's the longest one...) I finishing up my nocturne blurb on the weekend, well I had the paragraphs done, the hero finally renamed himself to a decent name last week (Ryder) and I got a title I can live with yesterday so off I emailed. So its in and I can relax, look over the research questions one of the ladies on one of my loops kindly answered and work it in. One answer spawned a new scene which I think will fit well and maybe make my hero doubt my heroine's abilities a little less, and it should make for a bit of an amusing scene if its from her perspective, but I might try his first, just to see.

Weekend wasn't too exciting. Read a couple more review books "THE SQUAD: PERFECT COVER" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (I think). Great YA! Check it out if you like reading YA. And do yourself a favor and pick up #2, because when I was done with Perfect Cover I was very glad I had #2 waiting on the bookshelf. Baked some coconut chocolate chip cookies on Saturday. Lost the internet for a couple hours (not good, when I was already in panic mode over the nocturne pitch) and then the blasted svcthing.exe went back up to 100 on the desktop and froze the computer. Its been happening pretty much every day for the last few weeks. Pain in the rear! And I can't figure out how to fix it so I've been manually overriding it from task manager every time it starts to freeze up, but that's a pain too. I'll have to do some more googling I guess or hit one of the comp forum sites and see what they say.
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Sunday, April 06, 2008


Just thought it was super classy after the Canucks-Flames game ended last night and Iffy and the rest of the flames went over to Linden. I don't think a lot of teams would have done it and to see the guys who had already gone to the locker room come back on the ice for that... well done :o)

And yay for Iggy getting his 50th of the season! Nice goal too.

Can you guess who I'm cheering for in the playoffs? hehe


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Friday, April 04, 2008

Blog Tour: Lisa Daily

Women from 16-60 flock to Lisa’s popular Dream Girl Academy at the Learning Annex in New York City and events across the US. Lisa is a dating coach, speaker and popular media guest -- she has done more than 2000 interviews on top radio and television shows, including iVillage Live, MTV Live, Entertainment Tonight and top UK national morning show, This Morning, and she appears as a real-life dating expert on the HITCH movie DVD starring Will Smith. A frequent source for reporters, Lisa has been quoted in hundreds of publications, from the New York Times, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune to Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Health, Christian Science Monitor and US Weekly Magazine.
You can visit her website at http://www.lisadaily.com/ or her blog at http://www.thedebutanteball.com/.

Fifteen Minutes of Shame Synopsis:

Darby Vaughn, a small-town girl turned dating guru, has finally landed the life she’s always dreamed of: A handsome, charming husband she’s crazy about, a fabulous home in an exclusive neighborhood, a bestselling dating book, and tax-deductible pedicures.

Thousands of women have attended Darby’s famous Dreamgirl Academy and followed her man-snagging advice, in hopes that their lives will turn out just like hers. But when she finds out her husband is cheating, her publicity-perfect world spins out of control.

Not only is the most humiliating moment in her life splashed across every supermarket tabloid and celebrity gossip show, but her reputation as America’s favorite love expert is shot. Her book sales have tanked, her publisher has canceled the rest of her tour, and her love life has become fodder for late-night TV. To make matters worse, the ex-wife Gigi keeps feeding the media frenzy in hopes of furthering her own reality TV career.

If Darby takes her philandering husband back, she will be breaking her own most cardinal law of relationships (Never stay with a cheater!), and her career will be over. If she sticks to her own rules, she’ll lose the only man she has ever truly loved. As her marriage and career fall apart, Darby learns that even dating experts get their hearts broken, and that when it comes to matters of the heart, none of us are in complete control.

To read an excerpt, click here!


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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Thank You, Ric

As a wrestling fan for 21 years, I wanted to post a little something about Ric Flair's retirement. The dirtiest player in the game has entertained me since he first appeared in the WWF in the early 90's and had his feud with Macho Man Randy Savage over the lovely Miss Elizabeth. I remember renting the Royal Rumble 1992 on VHS when it was released and watching Flair win the championship. (It was really weird watching the highlights of that on RAW and seeing him fighting Shawn in the rumble way back then. Like dad said, if you would have told them then what was going to happen 16 years later, I doubt they'd believe it).

I've been lucky enough to see Flair in person three times. Actually have a couple great pictures of him in the photo album, stylin' and profilin'. :o)

As all the guys and Divas chanted last night at the end of RAW, THANK YOU RIC! For all the great matches, all the hours of entertainment and all the great interviews. I think I'll dig out my Flair box set this week and sit down and watch it.



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