Dude, Where's My Muse?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Weird Dream

Had to share this really weird dream I had last night.
I had my book in my hands, name, title all there. The two people on the cover though were far from Brit & Jas though. Anyways, I flip through my book and half the pages aren't there, and there's some sort of catalogue halfway through. Weird. I can't make any sense of it.
And I'm not so freaked about the ms being at the offices anymore. Maybe more indifferent. Or just so damn sick of it I don't care any more :o)

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Quick Update

Canada Post updated the tracking info.

As of 9:22 am this morning UK time, the manuscript's been delivered.


Off to watch old hockey tapes to save my mind
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Pretty much sums up how I feel since I printed out the manuscript in the wee hours of last Thursday. I think my lone two workable brain cells have hung up the no vacancy sign and took off on vacation :o)

Checked mail tracking and its still on the way to the delivery office in the UK. So I think that's okay, its in the country so its a lot closer to being delivered than if it were still here.
Dad said something interesting over lunch, that its now completely out of my hands, its up to the cosmos and the editors and I need to just relax, recoup and do something else. So the week long vacation might get stretched out a little longer.

I'm still in the air as to what to to play with next. I know I promised someone that one story, which I definitely need to get my butt in gear on...but right now I'm having a heck of a time even reading anything (my two muchly anticipated Bombshell purchases of the month have barely been touched) and writing just seems so far beyond me at this point. Guess when inspiration hits I'll write, and till then, heck with it :o)
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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bye Bye Bye

Brit & Jas...

Currently their winging their way towards the UK, hopefully enjoying the flight with some alcoholic beverages. I toasted them off with a cold can of Dr. Pepper :o)

Had an interesting day today. Typed the end on the manuscript at 3:30 this morning then proofread the entire 200+ pages, finally trudging up to bed at 5.

Wake up at 10:30 thanks to some dogs barking and it seems like their right under the window. Argh. Get up, check my email as always. Now I entered a contest last week, absolutely nothing writing related but its a good one, anyhoos, get an email back. Congratulations. Sign this release! :) The only hitch was signing it and sending it back, because it had to go back as pdf document. Well we don't have Adobe PDF on here (just the reader) so I tried one program, it froze up the computer and wouldn't scan anything. Then I remembered print shop. Hit install pdf printer, scanned the printed pages in and voila! My 6 page release is now a pdf file. So that's in and I'm waiting to hear, hopefully good news :o) Not sure when I hear back but fingers crossed on soon.

So go in to mail the ms this afternoon and the nice girl is behind the desk in the post office. Put the requested agent partial through first and then the MS. I ask if ExpressPost goes to the UK, yes indeedy. Good go that route. The hitch - it requires the phone # of who I'm sending it to. She said I could come back tomorrow. Uh no, I just spend $2 bus fare coming down, printed, proofed and had dad box it up. Nuh uh. I could go home and call her with the #. Well no guarantee she'd be the one answering the phone or whoever did would know what I was talking about. So I'm standing there, she's put it through and I've paid the $55.00 for it to get there ASAP and it hits me, the phone # has to be in one of those writers markets books. So I tell her I'm going across the street to Chapters and I'll be back. Cross the highway with mom (the fun!) Okay here's a HUGE gripe, the 2005 Writers Market Book. You can't find a damn thing in there! Every friggin imprint of every other publisher is in there, Love Spell, Steeple Hill, but no Harlequin Mills and Boon. Finally, I find the listing in the index (which isn't even an index really) and write down and run back across the street. I think she was pretty surprised how fast I came back. Scribbled down the phone # in England (Might be lucky, I think the country code is 44! hehe) and off it went.

After that, ran to Zellers and got the two new Bombshell books I wanted this month. Though didn't make it up to Wa;-Mart to buy my reward DVDs for getting the blasted thing off in the mail.

So I am now officially on vacation, at least till May! woohoo :o)
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Two Words

Okay three, = Print! hehe
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The Nicest Rejection Ever...

Alright, not an oxy-moron. Its quite true. And I got it in my inbox today from one of my top 3 Agents.

Hi Lisa -- I'm sorry to take so long to respond to this -- I'm sure you've moved on with it by now. I'm just not able to take on that many new clients right now so I think I'll have to pass, but you are clearly on the road to success and I wish you well.

I thought that was so nice of Anonymous Agent A :o)

Made my day!

Will have to reply to her tomorrow with a quick note of thanks.
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Something To Talk About

I figured I'd take a couple minutes break from edits *coughcough* and do an update on here.

First off, here's who Jas has always sorta been in my mind. Yummy huh? :o)

Inspiration for Jas McIntyre - Josh Duhamel Posted by Hello

Funny trivia bit, Josh was actually HERE in Edmonton today at the Woman's Show for a meet and autograph deal. Unfortunately I didn't get out there because it was so darn hard to find out what time he was supposed to be there. But I can only figure that it may be a good luck sign that the flesh and blood version of JM was so close!

Second, I wanna thank my awesome support group for everything from the synopsis writing to pitch prep to plot problems and editing it down. So HUGE HUGE thanks to Barb, E, Ty, Nell, Olga and everyone in the afternoon Gonna-Beez chat who let me have the hot seat a few times there.

Alright, back to work with my gummy worms and Lisa Marie Presley CD. :o)

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Last Man Standing...

Warning. This post is going to ramble, babble and go everywhere. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Okay, on the manuscript. I lurked over at eHar today and found out I'm the last one standing in the pitch. Eeks! And I'm a little nervous about going over and saying that I haven't uh, sent it in yet. Its not like I don't have a valid reason 250 sheets of paper haven't gone winging their way over the ocean yet and I couldn't have predicted my mom would be home sick for three months and my life would be turned upside down, resulting in a serious lack of writing time. But I still have this little itty fear that this makes me look hugely unprofessional, at least to others. Because I know the editor understands when I told her last week *sigh* I think I'll just keep lurking and say something when its in the mail and I won't feel so much like a big old loser.

Anyways, onto other highlights of the week. It seems downloading and installing some spyware software suddenly dismantled my norton. Oh joy. If you read through the blog entries in February, you know the joy I'm heading for if I need to reinstall this stupid thing. *sigh* I'm hoping a system restore will fix things but I have to wait for a quick system scan off the website to tell me all is clear before doing that. The last thing I need is to lose the dang manuscript at this point in time. (or my backstreet bootleg and a bunch of other stuff on here)

Finnish hockey proved enjoyable and well worth the 16 hour download time :o) Though I can't understand a word of commentary and they kept changing my favorite player's name about every other shift it was quite cool to watch.
I think they play again sometime on Monday so have to watch for that. Just wish they'd name the national team for the tournament in Austria at the end of the month, like to know if he's gonna play or not!

Enough from me, scan's over so time to cross fingers and hope the restore is going to work.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Its The Little Things...

That make this blonde canuck girl a happy camper :o)


~ finding a way to watch Finnish Hockey Games *happy dance* Yup, gonna break that little 7 month stretch of being unable to watch #44 play hockey. Oh yes, things are good. Things are VERY good hehe (though I wish I'd figured this out say oh around January 3rd when he signed with Oulu!) Only downside, 12 hour download times *sigh* oh well, I get to see him play and listen to finnish commentary woohoo! *cheesy grin here*

Now if only Backstreet would once again return to Edmonton, all would be right in Lissy's World

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


It just turned Tuesday. Hmmm...interesting

Yeah like anything I have to say right now is interesting right? I'm in the midst of once again detesting my characters, longing to dive back into my fanfic and the safety of that damn story I've been toying with for 5 years. *sigh*

And anyone who knows that one, knows at this moment, I must be pretty damn insane to be saying that!

So I'm changing up my music. Trying to find something to stir the creativity out. I should have picked up the new Buble CD on the weekend since I didn't get Wrestlemania. - And I have to say, damn I actually GOT chills watching the highlight package at the opening of RAW. I don't know quite what it was, but there I was gel pen to paper and goosebumps watching the highlights. Austin looked great. Shawn even better. Randy...*sigh* Man, I wish I'd gotten it, I think it would have been amazing to see live.

Back to other stuff though, the writing. I was listening to the Backstreet bootleg out of Cleveland this week. Loving it. Just can't write love scenes to it *sigh* Why I don't know. You think I'd be able to after all these years of fandom but nope. Nothing. Maybe I'll try AJ's Lay Down Beside Me solo later and see if that helps any.

Something's gotta shake lose the rest of this story and I'm really hoping soon. Deadline keeps floating over my head and the pressure's back on. Ah hell...

Hitting publish.

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Monday, April 04, 2005


I'm redoing the love scene in chapter eight. And I'm starting to wonder, just how hot is too hot?
And if I go too hot once, am I going to be expected to go there again?
I'm having a hard enough of a time with them right now as it is.

Ignore the babbles. Just felt the need to get these thoughts out of my head and down somewhere so I can finish the dang chapter and move on to editing 10.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Odd thought...

I just found out this blog turns up on a google search.


*laughs and hides under desk with manuscript*

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Its April...

Ah, a new month. And hopefully a great one. Its usually the time when I start my seedlings so I'm very excited about that. Bought a whole bunch of new seeds over the last few weeks at Rona and Wal-Mart (not too mention I have my own seeds I harvested last year) so I foresee a summer full of beautiful flowers (I'll post pics sometime ifI get the chance, I'm awfully proud of my green thumb! hehe)

So the big news of yesterday and today, I checked my business account and found an email from one of the editors in London *gulp* which that caused a rise of panic and nerves. So I opened it up, fully prepared to see a demand of where is the manuscript and why hasn't it made its way across the big blue ocean and since they haven't gotten it yet, just forget about... But all she asked was if I was planning on sending it in because they hadn't gotten in yet. Small sigh of relief there. But ask Olga, I still went into the war of nerves because of the delay. Yup. Stage fright. See, my mom's been home sick since mid to late January and for a good month there I was doing a lot of stuff around the house and looking after her. So I emailed the editor back and got a lovely reply this evening that its okay and that they're looking forward to getting the manuscript *grin* Can I just say I feel a hundred times better now???? And the editors are truly very nice to deal with (Heck I practically had a panic attack hitting send on the reply).

Not much else to ramble about now, no big plans for the weekend (well hoping I can scrape together the extra cash for WM21 on Sunday, but that's another story) :o) Happy April all!


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