Dude, Where's My Muse?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Two in a day...

Lucky lucky lucky :oP

Or not. So I got an idea in mind for one of my wips. The one that I had to bug Kris for the spell for. So I go look for it. Not on the hard drive. Not on disk. My blasted five page start that I love and adore had mystically disappeared . I know I saved it. I know I used my dating system of saving it (which I'm really thinking right now sucks the big one) and I can't find it. Even used the search function and here and did a search for Cary Grant since I know that's in the pages somewhere. Didn't turn up anything.

If this isn't more proof this week sucks, I don't know what is.

If its not upstairs in my writing binder later I give up. I'm spending the rest of the week under my desk with my big hershey kiss.
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Yesterday sucked. Yup. Big Time. Crappiest day I've had in awhile. And I'd like to vent about it, but I can't since a google search might turn it up :o) lol Let's just say argh doesn't fully encompass it and I'll be venting about it in an email to my bestest buds. Its non writing relating but still sucky sucky sucky. If someone is influencing a certain situation, I am gonna be p.o.'ed.

It's starting to seem like what can go wrong this week, is. And will. I hate to think its the five week mark of the manuscript today, maybe that means the R's already winging its way back from Richmond.

I got the rebate cheque from the seeds today. Yay. But they spelled my name wrong - in fact its a completely different last name!!! So I have to email and find out what it is exactly I need to do because I can't cash it like that.

Off to listen to Backstreet and try and unwind.
Might be time to crack open my case of Mike's Hard Lemonade
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Friday, May 27, 2005


I'm so happy its Friday!! Its supposed to be sunny all weekend, I can probably get my seeds in and plant the few Dahlias I bought. And maybe go shoe shopping because I need some new ones for summer.

Did some research on websites today, found out the domain I want (my name actually) expires from its current holder July 31st. I think it'd be easier for an author website to have yourname.com then something else right? I like know nothing about websites but I'd like to get my own name as my domain if I can swing it. Apparently godaddy has some feature where they'll try and get it for you if its coming up on expiry. Has anyone dealt with godaddy? Are they good or bad or whatever?

Going through Suzanne's website today, I found a bunch of tips on websites. Thanks for those! Thinking I need to do a little adding to my as of yet, not uploaded website.

Guess that's about it, winning bid is up to 5500 words, so at least something's rolling. Now if only I can finish it by the end of June and get my rewrites of Shattered and HP done this summer too!

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Thursday, May 26, 2005


I'm trying to add more of my favorite blogs to the side bar over there, but somehow some of my links have been lost to the mess that is the aol favorites folder (yikes) so I'll have to go through there to find them. So if I comment on your blog and yours isn't there yet, forgive me :o)

Spent this afternoon playing around with my website. I don't have an official one yet, haven't paid for a web domain or gotten a host but I'm playing with the design a little. I've got one of those website creator programs that requires NO html (woohoo) so its not that bad. Kinda going pink in the first version, but we'll see what happens. Not sure what all I'd need on there as an unpubbed...but i'll play around with it a little, see what sticks.

What else, actual sunshine today which was a surprise. Weekend is supposed to be nice so planning on planting some flowers this weekend and doing some other errands.

Short update today huh? *g*
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another new post with not much to write about lol

I hate Alberta weather. Really I do. It was nice on Sunday. Downpouring rain all day Monday. Yesterday rainy and cloudy and cold. I mean COLD!!! And today the same. Its supposed to be sunny tomorrow and somewhat warm. Do I believe it? Hah not likely. I just hope the weekend's nice so I can spray paint my other two pots and get them seeded in too and move the marigolds outside that are in. Dad starts vacation next week which means my internet and writing time are going out the window. I love the guy, I do, but he can't still get the fact that I'm working when I'm at the computer. I've had talks and talks with him about it, and he still just doesn't get it. So I guarantee there'll be less than fifty pages written by the time end of June rolls around.

Writing update: 4 weeks and a day :o) And no news yet. So I'm hoping that at least by now someone, somewhere there is reading it. I just wish I'd realized earlier I didn't need an entire chapter *sigh* oh well I guess its a good sign I recognized it but would have loved to have caught it before mailing the entire ms.
New wip is slowly going, up to 4K words so seems to be on a bit of a roll. Working title is Winning Bid...not sure if it'll stay that way or not. Don't want to talk a lot about it right now though, cuz its still in the really early stages of things.
Did some looking in my writing files for one scene I know I wrote earlier I can steal and put in here b/c it would fit so well and can't find it, though I found two other story starts that weren't half bad. Add that to my Bombshell wanna-be; the rewrites of Shattered and Temptation I'm supposed to be working on and its insane. And I don't want to get burned out again, because I did that with STTA and its the pits.

Enough from me :o) Hope this one actually shows up this time
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

4 Week Mark

So its exactly 4 weeks since Brit and Jas landed in the UK. Hopefully they're enjoying the trip, sightseeing, sending cards to Vin, Ava and Mim's lol. Here's something funny though, ever since I mailed the ms, everything's been having a UK mention. RAW that week was from Birmingham, there was a couple others that left my mind the moment I started typing this sentence and the best one: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are here in Edmonton right now. Isn't that funny?

So maybe its a sign of luck.

Spent Sunday outside for about six hours, cleaning up my pots, need to paint two of them so put them aside and seeded in my two new ones from last year. See when those pop up. Seeded the one area under the side kitchen windows for mom, put a bunch in there so see what all comes up. The soil isn't the greatest and we already put in a few seeds a couple weeks ago when she put in bulbs so I added some baby blue eyes and godetia and cosmos. Something with some height and width so it won't look so bare since we took out the one hedgey thing.

Other than that, not a whole heck of a lot going on. Seed company emailed this morning and will send replacement packages. Yay!! I so wanted to grow my own martha washington's this year.

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Meet Sonny

my pet!
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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Like I Need A Title?

Well I do. For my WIP. And I can't think of anything. I've got one for my women's fic idea that came to me yesterday loud and proud, shouting write me write me write me! I promptly created a new file with the date on the computer, typed the first sentence and let the femme fatale of that one cool down. Sorry girls, wait your turn. (If only I'd learned that lesson 5 yrs ago when I was doing 5, yes 5 stories at the same time. One that came out at 90 chapters + epilogue, 66 chapters and 30 some odd. I'm not even going to check the other two) Apparently my English 10AP teacher was right on the head, I was writing novels not essays. Thanks Ms. Sobat! :o) (now watch that turn up in a google search this week!)

Other fun things, went to Costco with dad today and bought two lovely t-shirts. Their pretty nice actually. One's white with a low V (apparently what all us busty women need to be wearing according to the women of what not to wear) and pink and black patterns up the side in a V (sorta like a hockey jersey actually) and the other's mauve with a pink design down the side. So pretty happy since my wardrobe needs an overhaul one of these days. Didn't get to plant the flowers from last weekend yet though, probably tomorrow since we came home late and I was supposed to be meeting my best bud on IM at 8, but I'm still there and she isn't. Krissy, Krissy where are you? *g*

The cat showed up again and got two robins sometime between midnight and noon this morning. *sigh* So trying to figure out a way to keep the predator away. Mom said she thinks she knows which cat it is so I'm going to keep an eye out more.

Enough from me, not sure if I'll post anything tomorrow or not.

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Friday, May 20, 2005


Its Friday. Yippee. :o) Well not that days really seem to matter much right now, just means I get to run errands this week, hopefully talk to my bestest buddy tomorrow night on IM at 8 barring more severe thunderstorm interruptions...but Sunday's the season finale of Desperate Housewives and something else I think...so should be a good weekend. Plus I'm planning on starting my outdoor pots, just need to wash them out (though 2 of them are gonna get painted so have to hold back on those).

Most of the seeds I started inside are up, my own marigold seeds from 98 were up in 2 days. Fast huh? *g* But two packs of specialty seeds I bought last month didn't germinate yet and they were planted almost three-four weeks ago *scratches head* Have to check the calender on that. Anyhoos, I went to the seed co's website today and under ask an expert people were talking about a couple seeds that they had that didn't germinate and someone had the hybrid petunias which I had and the 'expert' woman said to contact the customer service email for replacements. Cool! So I scribbled down a short email saying I bought the petunia hybrid seeds last month and the geranium eyes right and neither have anything germinating x weeks later. Included the lot # as well. So we'll see what the response is. Be nice to get them replaced since each pack was almost $4 a piece and the geranium's only had 8 seeds in it *insert shocked look here*

So what else to ramble on about, started something new yesterday. Yup. Happy to finally have a bit of something going. Though its in my old style of working, it kinda could fit Temptation if it has to (same sort Sassyness STTA had) so I'm 1800 actual word count in and I don't mind it. Its got the vineyard/winery I've been thinking of tackling since Andrew's appearance on The Bachelor :o) So that'll be cool. I'll work around the research right now and get it down then go back in and layer in research as its needed.

Next Tuesday marks 4 weeks the MS's been in Richmond. Should I ignore the good feeling I have? I dunno. Anyone who really knows me knows how pessimistic I tend to get. I'd say I failed a test after writing it then pass it with a 90. Its just sorta like my good luck charm, it sucks therefore its good *if that makes any sense* but something about STTA is so different. Can't explain it. I tried with Barb the other day and not sure I made a lot of sense.

What else, hmmm, listened to a lovely radio interview today with one of the guys from my favorite band/group and he said their hitting the US and Canada this summer so I'm crossing the crossables that includes Edmonton. Haven't seen them in 4 years and would love to see them again. Especially if I won what I think I did :o)

K, enough rambley from me.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I keep listening to Kylie Minogue's song Red Blooded Woman. Its got a good beat, and I think its pretty good. Maybe I'm trying to see if it shakes something loose story wise. Spent most of the afternoon boxing up my Something To Talk About notes and handwritten pages up. Can I just say YIKES!!!!! There were more pages there than there was for my 507 page Romantic Suspense. But I got that clutter cleared up and my hanging files are now open and waiting for the next story idea to hit.

I have that hockey player idea playing in the back of my head, its sorta calling to me every once in awhile and I know I'll hit it eventually, I just don't know about the meet deal with that yet. So we'll see.

I find it funny that the supposed rules (which I don't believe in, never have) say you can't have an athlete hero and yet three books I've picked up in the last while have an athlete in them and he's not retired, he's not on vacation or anything else.

They do say write what you know, and what do I know better than hockey players?? *g*


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Monday, May 16, 2005

Its Monday which was never good anyway...

*glances up* So I felt like quoting an old Mary Chapin-Carpenter song as my title :o)

And Monday's actually been fairly good to me so far. Wrapped up the Dreaded Synopsis workshop and the Agent one this afternoon and got some nice feedback from them. Finished up the intro to emotion and got that all posted to the list. So if there's anyone out there who still wants in on Emotion, let me know and I'll get an invite your way!

Still no word on any of my queries (sent a few out Friday) though I'm not expecting much. Sort of at the point where I'm thinking its time to retire that story for awhile, just let it go and delve into one of the others. I still have that Bombshell idea floating around up there and some ST ones too. And I probably should have something started in the Temptation area in case they ask for something else right? Better to be prepared this time than I was last time I sent HP to Susan at SIM and she said to send her anything else, cept I didn't have anything else for her at the time. Stupid me huh? *g*

The one I've been agent pitching is RS, and I do have a couple other ideas that would need severe polishing too, but I think if they signed me on an RS I'd be sorta stuck creating the brand with RS for awhile. And I'm not sure about that, I like RS, I can write them fine and well but I do know most of my best stuff comes angsty, so not quite sure.

Alright, enough ramble babbles from me right now. Off to grab a water!
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Sunday, May 15, 2005

What a weekend...

Can I say I'm really glad its almost over???

First though the weather was finally awesome up here, in the mid-high twenties (C) for us canucks. I got a little tan/burn on my shoulders so I'm not as pale as usual. Went out yesterday and got some plants with mom for her planters and grabbed a few for myself (some nice dahlias in a rusty color).
With any luck I'll actually be able to seed my pots outside this year in May and not end of June/July like some years.
So anyways yesterday afternoon we came home and found the phone line down. Gone. Just a buzzing line. Which was a pain in the butt because of the conference and things going on. So this morning it still wasn't on either but dad finally managed to get things working again late this afternoon. Yay! I've learned I can't go without my email. Sad but true.

Onto the bad news of the weekend, we feed most of the birds around here. We've got bird feeders in most of the trees in the yard and some food on the driveway for them. This afternoon dad tells me that one of the neighborhood cats seems to have gotten some of them *shudder* since he found the feathers and other proof this morning. Now I'm not much of a cat person anyways (sorry to those who are) but I can't stand people who let their cats out and let them wander around people's yards like that. We already have one who likes to use the garden as their litter box and now its gotten some of our birds (possibly a nest we're not sure). So that just sorta ruined my Sunday right there. We're going to keep a lookout tonight in case the cat comes back.

Guess that's enough of a downer to share huh?


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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Crazy = Me

So I'm now doing THREE workshops this weekend. :o)

Yup. Dreaded Synopsis. Agents. And now Emotions. That should be interesting. Going through all my printed notes with a pen and paper trying to get it all together. I have a general idea, but teaching emotion is a hard thing to do - even harder than synopses.

So looks like my weekend's pretty booked up now. Kinda looking fwd to it. Though I'm a little nervous since these are my first workshops. But one of my best friends read them over and said she was impressed so I should be okay.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


(looks up) Yeah great title lol

My brain's a bit fried today, so excuse the lack of uh, well everything about this post lol

Found this on another blog and thought I'd do it:

Your Birthdate: January 3
Being born on the 3rd day of the month is likely to add a good bit of vitality to your life.
The energy of 3 allows you bounce back rapidly from setbacks, physical or mental.
There is a restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing, "couldn't care less" attitude.

You have a natural ability to express yourself in public, and you always make a very good impression.
Good with words, you excel in writing, speaking, and possibly singing.
You are energetic and always a good conversationalist.

You have a keen imagination, but you tend to scatter your energies and become involved with too may superficial matters.
You are affectionate and loving, but sometimes too sensitive.
You are subject to rapid ups and downs.

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Seems to fit no?? Well some, not sure I excel in speaking lol

I did my intros for the two workshops today, yikes, nervous typing out the intros. Yahoo is being a witch and the # of people in the agent workshop changes, from 0-9 recent members. So I hope someone's staying around lol Other than that, nothing much new.
I got the info I needed from my best friend for the latest wip. The one that really doesn't want to cooperate or do anything but make me tug at my hair. Not fun. Not enjoying it. But maybe hopefully? They'll settle down soon.

Nuff from me, think the pizza's here
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Saturday, May 07, 2005


Alright a suitable title. :o)

I read Olga's blog this morning and she reminded people she's doing her workshop on knowing her characters next weekend, so I figured I'd do the same. I'm doing two, the Dreaded Synopsis and Agent Hunting.

So I've got a few rough points out for both, but what I figured was do a bit of research on here. Anything you all would like to see covered in these? Particularly in the Agent one? I guess I'll touch briefly on query letters (though one of the other ladies is doing a workshop that touches on that too) so I don't want to step on any toes.

Should be interesting to see how conference weekend goes, I might try to schedule a chat of sorts with the synopsis workshop, though I'll have to ask the people in the workshop if that would be of any interest to them or not.
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Bit of News

Got my confirmation letter in the mail from Richmond today. So I now know for sure Something To Talk About is in the hands of K Young.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Blah blah...

I just feel like rambling right now :o)

So, on the writing front, I'm really sorta blahed out. I don't feel like doing any real writing, (that one idea is still percolating in my head and besides it has Cary Grant in there somewhere, I gotta love that) and looking at my f.f. revisions, I don't know that I feel ready to jump in there (though I am in a Nick mood again) so we'll see, probably break down and do some writing sometime, somewhere down the road this week.

RAW's on tomorrow night and I can only hope the blasted vcr will decide to like the vhs tape and tape it. I'm just happy they had a good delay last week before the HBK/Hogan promo or I would have missed it. And I can't get on to the wrestling website tonight because there's so many people hitting it for the results. I just hope they didn't do something STUPID and have Shawn turn on Hogan or vice versa because frankly, that's pure stupidity.

On wrestling for a moment, read something that shocked me today. Chris Candido a.k.a "Skip" of the Body Donnas in the WWF in the mid-late 1990s passed away this week. Was a shocker. He was only 33!! I remember reading this week he'd gone in for surgery after hurting his leg at the TNA ppv last weekend and that he'd gone to the tapings Tuesday as a manager role. Wow.
You almost have to wonder if there wasn't a curse or something put on some of these guys at the time. The sheer number of athletes that have passed away in the last couple years is scary to think about. I can still remember sitting watching the In Your House October 1997 pay-per-view and Vince announcing Brian Pillman was dead.

Anyways, I can't think of much else to say at the moment...IM me if you want I should be around tonight.
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