Dude, Where's My Muse?

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Its been a BUGGER of a month. MAJOR Tech issues out the wazoo.

From 2 weeks without the internet, to getting only one connected, to trying to hook up the gateway which wouldn't let ANYTHING connect, to finally getting the desktop to have internet access (which is good because its the only one with WORD on it), having no working printer, then my cd burner died which meant I couldn't back up anything while I had no internet... to replacing the burner... to having issues with being able to install anything b/c of msiexec.exe running multiple times. I swear its lucky I haven't gone either a) gray or b) bald between all this.

I think so far we had about 20 calls to telus tech support; 10 emails to hp support for various things (msiexec, the cd burner, ect) and a nice long thread on geekstogo about trying to fix this blasted msi thing. And people wondered why my tagline on facebook this last while was 'computers are evil'

So that explains the severe lack of updates on the blog. (Sorry!)

Tell me, has your JUNE been any better than mine?
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Is This Thing On?????

It feels like I should tap a microphone or something.

Am I actually online???? I'm not really too sure.

After having the net die on me almost two Wednesdays ago now; dealing with some pretty incompetent tech support (do you speak english?); rebooting the computer a billion times; finally getting one modem that would refused to work; waiting 5 days for telus to mail out another modem, which wasn't the one they promised which still didn't work. Go through tech support again (reboot; unplug modem; plug in modem; change ip addresses... yaddayaddayadda and still the LIMITED OR NO CONNECTIVITY pop up kept appearing which meant, you guessed it, NO CONNECTIVITY) get booked for a tech guy to come out, wait all day Wednesday, no tech. Phone call at 8:30 at night, the tech was sick you'll be the first on the list at 8am Thursday. Different tech shows up at 11 (he at least knew what he was doing). An hour to figure out that nope, its not us or anything we did, something, somewhere on their end. Apparently he went out to a box somewhere and moved some wires around, came back, seemed to work. Hooked up, got internet and left.

Except... I'm left with trying to get the old computer to work and to figure out this wireless gateway because you see I've been without a PRINTER for the last 2 weeks. Yes, fun, you can imagine.

And the installation disc for modem #2 seems to be oh what's the word, corrupted? It keeps installing the telus ecare then goes on an endless cycle of reboot, install telus ecare and reboot.

So if I'm silent for awhile longer yet, its because nothing is working right.
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